How do I make Vista remember the size of my explorer windows and other settings...

such as the width of the column headings (file name, date modified etc) the location of them in relation to each other, whether they’re turned on or not.

I like Vista but I’m getting tired of having to faff about with the window every time I am just going to look for a file.
Also, on a two monitor setup, with different res’ on each monitor how do I make the background picture be stretched on both? At the moment it fills the bigger mon and extends beyond the edge of the smaller one.

Is it possible to put a different image on each one?

Vista has crappy explorer memory. It keeps mucking with my folders, forcing some into “Music and Videos” when I don’t want it to be. I don’t know the exact answer to your first question, but you might try closing the window with File > Close instead of just clicking the “X” to see if that works.

There are programs that you can use to solve your wallpaper problem. I use one called Display Fusion. It’s shareware, so has limited features. It should work for you, although if anyone knows a freeware one that might work better.