How Do I Prevent My Wisdom Tooth Cavities From Filling With Crud?

Recently I had my third molars taken out, and everything went okay with the procedure. The problem that I’m having, however, is that I am left with large mouth caverns where my wisdom teeth used to be. Whenever I chew, bits and pieces of food are then forced into the cavities to rot, and they can be very difficult to remove with a toothpick.

What can I do about this? Will these mouth orifices ever go away?? I’m thinking what I need are some sort of prosthetics to plug the openings and keep the partially-chewed food out.

Is anything like this available?


Mine went away and I just lived with it until they did. I don’t recall how long it took, more than a month but less than a year,

What Perderabo said. The cavities will dissipate eventually. In the meantime, short of a Water-Pik, there isn’t much you can do. I found that rinsing my mouth vigorously with water after eating helped.

My dentist gave me a syringe with a fairly blunt needle bent over such that a forceful irrigation of the socket was easily done.

I got one of these as well. It worked quite nicely. That sucks that your surgeon didn’t give you one. I haven’t seen them in stores anywhere. You may want to call the office of the place where you had the teeth out to see if they have any.

That’s what I did, too. Vigorous swishing.

FWIW, my surgeon refused to give me an irrigating syringe. Something about they just couldn’t be passing syringes out to just anybody.


Luckily we have syringes in the house for other uses, so I use one without a needle and irrigate them that way. If you can’t get hold of a syringe, though, swish really, really thoroughly every time you eat and it’ll help quite a bit.

Go to a hobby shop that specialized in model airplanes and ask for a glue gun. Most of the ones I have seen are a Monoject 412 which is ideal for mouths and ears. Instead of a socket for a needle it has a curved, tapered plastic tip. I find them so useful I used to buy them in bulk for lube and gluing.

Monoject is the brand my oral surgeon provided.