How do I (randomly and fairly) determine my FF league's draft order?

I’m commissioner of my (yahoo) fantasy football league this year. Normally we have our draft order determined randomly by yahoo shortly before the draft begins. This year, we want to have a lottery a couple of weeks prior to the draft - so we can better plan our draft strategies and potentially trade picks with each other.

The problem is that we live in three different countries, and I don’t think we have a single mutual friend who isn’t in the league, so we need a fair way to do this randomly that nobody can argue with.

There are ten in the league, so we just need some way of randomly arranging the digits 0123456789. One thought I had (when we had eight players not ten) was to use the first line of a given online sudoku solution that everyone could check… has anyone got any ideas for something similar that we could use for ten people???

The Sports Guy mentioned in a recent podcast that you can assign each team a number from 0-9 (ten numbers of course) and then check some public lottery result. The very last number would be the first pick, skip a number, then the second pick, skip a number, etc. That would handle five, I think, of the first picks. You could go back a week and fill out the last remaining numbers until all ten have been selected.

Or you can give me the name of the ten teams without telling me which is yours, and I’ll assign them.

Have one player provide a list of the 10 owners in any sequence. Have another owner generate a sequence 1-10 here and send you the numbers. Match them up.