How do I submit my resume to a company with many postions I'd be interested in?

Background: I’m a recent college graduate, looking for my first “real” job. My degree is in Management Information Systems, but I really have no specific area of interest as far as a job. I would be willing to take almost any job, inside or outside of the IT field, as long as it was anywhere near a decent job.

One company I am interested in has several positions listed on their website that I think I could be considered for. I am looking for a way to apply for basically any of these positons, instead of applying for just a specific one, or applying for them all individually.

Of the positions I am interested in, a lot of them seem like they are almost the same thing. Pretty much a lot of different job titles listed with very similar job descriptions and requirements. I would think that anyone hiring for these positons would assume someone interested in one may be interested in all, but I would still want to make sure of that. Then again there are other positons that aren’t so closely related, but I’d really want to be considered for those as well.

So, my main goal for the letter is that I want to make it clear that I would be interested in a lot of different positons with the company, pretty much anything they’d consider me for. I am very flexible as far as what I’d be willing to do. Also, I guess I don’t want the company to think I am desperate, but in all honesty I kind of am.

Any suggestions? Any good sites to look at with examples of this type of cover letter? Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Well, my own first response is to suggest you study what you can about the positions available and focus on the one that has the best potential for you in terms of career track, actual duties and salary.

If you want to pursue any of several positions with that company, research the company, in depth, and become able to talk about why you want to be a part of that company.

Good luck!

I wouldn’t worry too much about applying for a particular job. In my company, resumes come in, get keyword sorted, then posted on a web page for managers with open reqs to look at. I’ve discovered when submitting resumes that get sent to me that lots of the jobs on our website are expired or already filled, and some interesting jobs haven’t made it on yet.

The first thing I’d do is to make sure that your resume has keywords that people with these jobs might be looking for. That way you’ll survive the sort. Make your cover letter short - I almost never look at them, since I care a lot more about the qualifications. Do put on projects you’ve done or programs you’ve written, not just classwork, since that is the way to stand out.

Also take a look at the Ask the Headhunter website (I think it is He has some solid advice. The best is to find the name of someone in the company you are interested in, give him or her a call, and ask for advice. Find names by searching on the web or in trade rags. You’d might think that everyone does this, but I am quite visible in my field, and no one ever calls, (I do get emails from some grad students - one of whom I hired last year.) There might not be anything available, but if there is, and if they’re looking for new grads, you’ll have a tremendous advantage.

Good luck!