How do you and your SO share driving?

I was on a road-trip with the wife and kids last weekend, and when we switched places so the she could drive for a bit, I realized that I had not been in the passenger seat of a car with her for over a year and a half, since the last road trip we took. Whenever we go anywhere together (and we never go more than an hour away) I do all the driving. I don’t know why this is, we’ve never really discussed it. I LIKE driving more than she does, and since I didn’t drive at all for the first 30-odd years of my life I feel like I need to give something back. How about the rest of you? What kind of arrangements do you have?

He drives. I pray. :wink:

He does 95% of the driving and likes it that way. I really don’t like driving and typically only do if we’re on a road trip that involves over 6 hours of driving or if he’s really tired/drunk or some such.

We take it in turns to drink and drive.

To rephrase that, when I drink she drives and vice versa. In such circumstances she does most of the driving. When alcohol is not a factor I do most of the driving.

My roommate and I take a lot of road trips together, and I do most of the driving for many reasons. We almost always take my car, I enjoy long distance driving, I am immune to road rage, and Roomie has a shoulder injury that starts to bother her after a couple hours. About every six weeks, we drive to Maine for a weekend. She takes the very first shift on the way up and the very last shift on the way home, for one reason only: I’m afraid of bridges. It usually adds up to roughly fourteen hours total–twelve with me driving, two with her driving.

I’ve been the primary driver in all situations for so long that I honestly no longer know what to do in the passenger seat of a car for more than ten or fifteen minutes.

I do all the highway driving, he does all the inner-city driving. So for example, when we go down to Long Island tomorrow, I will mostly likely drive until the last rest area before the Tappenzie Bridge. From there he’ll take it through the City and into the LIE. He gets the shorter drives this way, but definitely the more stressful ones. On the way back, we switch at the same area.

I love to drive. I’ll drive anything anywhere. But she gets carsick even in the shotgun position (at least, that’s her story) so she usually drives. Could be my driving that does it I suppose. I’m also not a power-trip manly man type of guy, so my masculinity isn’t threatened by a chick driving… besides, it’s easier to shoot out the passenger window since I’m right handed.

She drives unless she’s sleeping or drinking.
However, she can’t stand traffic, so I get to do that a lot.

My dad used to be the primary driver. The ONLY driver when he and mom were in the car.

Then he hurt his back/leg and couldn’t drive for a while.

Now, he can drive on his own but whenever I see them together she’s driving. I think he got used to being chauffered and he likes it. I think it’s kind of cute :slight_smile:

I swear the WORST fights my SO and I have ever had are about each other’s driving.

He loves to dig me about this or that, you’re following too closely, now you’re too far behind that car, you’re not going fast enough, you’re going too slow, etc etc. Usually it’s good natured because we love to tease each other, but sometimes when I’m in a PMS-y mood it strikes me the wrong way and there will be door slamming and pulling over to the side of the road and “Then YOU drive” type of arguments.

When he’s driving I just point out all the things that he does that he complains about when I do them. He can’t stand that of course, mostly because he knows I’m right!! :smiley:

When we are running errands or wanting to get some place in a bit of a hurry, I drive because I know all the short cuts and he loves to go the long way around. When we’re on a leisurely don’t care when we get there sort of trip he drives.

I pretty much drive 95% of the time. It’s very rare when I don’t, except when she’s dropping me off somewhere close or something. This is particularly true when driving in SF, since both are cars are manual and she hates driving among all the hills. She’s also an insecure parallel parker, which is another reason she prefer I drive. This holds equally true if we’re taking my car or hers.

I don’t mind since I enjoy driving and it’s more a practical thing for her. But she also has much better vision, so she’s good at reading street signs and finding parking places, so I like that “Eagle Eyes” takes the navigation position–though the one real drawback is that she hates Thomas Guide maps (how could you hate them?!?) and those are the only maps I carry.

We used to share driving, but he’s such a control freak that he’d pick/yell at me nonstop over minor things until I was in tears.

We now have a hard & fast rule regarding this matter: I will drive him anywhere at any time, as long as he’s unconscious and bleeding profusely.

If I’m not driving, I have to sit shotgun, or I get carsick.

Try not to run me down!

I do 95%+ of the driving. I sometimes try to force her to drive by getting to the car first and getting in the passenger seat. It occassionally works, and accounts for that 5%.

The hubby likes to drive, while I see it as only moderately enjoyable, at best, so mostly I let him drive. Also, he’s a much worse passenger than I am, ifyouknowwhatImean. :wink:

However, lurking in the back of my mind is a whole icky gender-issue thing, and I dislike it all somewhat.

What I refuse to do is that ridiculous Chinese Firedrill thing you see couples do sometimes, you know, where He drives up with Her in the passenger seat. They stop the car,
and they both get out. He goes off to work and She walks around the car, gets into the driver’s seat, and drives off. WTF? She’s not allowed to drive the car when He’s in it? And what WTF’s me even more is how common this is. There are three couples who do this where I walk during the timespan when I typically arrive. And in the afternoon, it reverses. She drives up, gets out of the car and walks around to the passenger side, they get in and drive off.

So if I’m dropping the hubby off or picking him up, I damn well drive.

She may drive me more than I drive her.

I drive a long way to get to and from work, so when we go elsewhere together, I don’t care to drive.

But for longer road trips, we split the driving pretty equally.

Well, stay off the sidewalk, then!
We used to fight a lot about driving, too. I got his car into an accident once years ago, and he proceeded to become the world’s worst backseat driver for years and years. And I felt so guilty about the car that for a long time I let him. Finally one day about three years ago I came to him and said,

“I’m really sorry about the car thing years ago. But the fact is, you don’t even have that car anymore. And you have three speeding tickets in the past several years whereas I have none, plus you have gotten into two accidents - neither of which are your fault, granted - but I have been in none. So please lay off the backseat driving or I won’t drive with you anymore.”

And he’s a good boy so he realized he was hurting me and began immediately to dial back his comments, until now when he only feels the need to say something occasionally. I can deal with that. :slight_smile:

He drives, I sit there and silently seethe that he never lets me drive. He thinks I’m a bad driver*, hates that I use cruise control, and just can’t relax if someone else is driving.

  • I’m not. Never had a ticket. He, however, has gotten several speeding tickets with an additional charge tacked on for not wearing his seat belt.

When I was married; I drove and she constantly commented on my driving skills.

Which I’m sure you know guys just love that shit. :rolleyes:

I drive almost all the time. She doesn’t like driving, isn’t very good at it, and I either complain about her driving or sleep if I’m riding shotgun. So for the sake of both of us, I drive.

We’ve both had 2 ticket since we got married, and she’s had one fewer accident than I have.

I will give her credit; she’s the only person I know who’s passed a police car at 20 MPH over the limit, waved at the cop, and gotten away with it.

I’m still not sure how she did it…


Wow. That’s exactly how we are. My husband insists on driving 99 percent of the time (unless he’s drunk or about to fall asleep). I don’t drive fast enough (um, maybe that’s why I’ve never had a ticket?) or aggressively enough for his taste, so he’d rather do the driving. The worst part is that we mostly take my car on account of his Explorer is a gas hog, and I hate it when I get back in after he’s driven and have to put everything back the way I like it. He always messes up the seat and takes the flower out of my bud vase.