How Do You Clean Out a Sex Toy for Men?

This may be a really stupid question, but…

If you’re a man and you use a sex toy that you insert yourself into, well, how do you clean out the ejaculate? Does it differ according to what type of toy it is? Does the RealDoll come with some sort of douching apparatus?

Do I even want to know?

Thanks in advance.

(This question was inspired by this thread on the new sex robot. )

Green Bean, when I read the sex robot thread, that very same question occurred to me.

I mean, it’s not like you can turn her inside out and run her through the dishwasher.


IIRC (I haven’t seen one of the dolls in person), the probable areas slot out so that you can unscrew the backs and flush them with water and soap. In the case of fleshlights, which I have seen, both ends unscrew so you can accomplish the same cleaning.

There are also a whole line of single-use products made by Tenga

Have you ever heard of the band King Missle? They do a song called Detachable Penis that, while I don’t think I’d recommend it to most people who are in a non-drugged state, I have to cite because I can’t believe it’s actually sorta pertinent.

Anyway, I have no doubt the doll has a detachable vagina (perhaps “detachable penis sleeve” would be a better description?). Furthermore, I have no doubt that they recommend using warm, soapy water.

I always take mine to the car wash and hose her out.

Actually, Fleshlight recommends that you just use water, no soap. It can degrade the material they make them out of, and if a little is left on it when you use it, it can irritate you, too.

I tell her to take a shower.

Then there’s always feltching if you’re feeling economical…

I think the thread title would be improved by a “Need Answer Fast!” added to the end.

I just use my roommate’s socks, pushed up there with a stick, or his toothbrush if I can’t find a stick.

This is why you should splurge and get the full service contract when you buy one of these. They send the guy out who checks all the points and bearings, refills the fluids and gives it a good cleaning. It’s way better than taking it down to the shop to be detailed.

Condoms are cheap. That seems like the easiest solution to the clean-up issue. Of course an even easier solution is to not screw inanimate objects but to each his own…

A condom! And using one would also enhance the illusion that you’re screwing something with a pulse.

Huh…I wonder…even if you do use a condom, you’d probably have to lube it up really good, and that would require some clean-up too.

Thanks for the other answers, too. Makes sense.

What about a regular blow-up doll?

Gives a literal meaning to the term “sloppy seconds”.

Plus, Real Dolls dont complain when you wear the condom inside-out for your pleasure.

Yeah, one of the differences between a pregnant woman and a fleshlight is that you can unscrew the fleshlight.


Probably NSFW

It’s heartwarming to see that the Real Doll people care so deeply about their customers. If there’s one thing no one should be without in these tough times, it’s plastic pussy.

This really creeps me (female) out: “This kit can be used with any doll or female torso product.”
Female torso product.

There was a young man from Racine
Who invented a screwing machine
Concave or convex
It could fit either sex
But Oh! What a bastard to clean.

And you do want to clean it. I recall the story of the crew of a tramp steamer that contracted gonorrhea from a sex doll they “borrowed” from one of their shipmates.