How do you cook your hotdogs?

To help discount everything healthy in my last post, I wanted to get some opinions on something else that’s come up in my life. Thanks to a cook out this past weekend, I’ve been reintroduced to the wonders of hot dogs (well, turkey dogs to be exact, but that’s besides the point). Of course, on the grill is the best way to go, but the next day, my friend Harriss came over and we ate more hot dogs. I’ve always grown up boiling them, but Harriss just threw them in the microwave on a plate and did them like that. They looked like they were some freakish little snake alien when they came out, but they still tasted damn good. In general, though, I think I would have prefered them boiled. So, what do you prefer, or do you have a whole new way of cooking fancy meat biproducts?

Hot dogs were normally boiled as a kid, unless Dad was cooking, in which case he like his sliced lengthwise and fried. Of course BBQ’d is always an option.

Hot dogs are tinned (canned) here in the UK which is weird for me, but some aren’t too bad. Many of the sausages are similar to hot dogs. There is a turkey and pork one that I love because it’s peppery and has a great texture. I like to slice it up and put with pasta, pinch of garlic and some onions. Or with baked beans, onions, and mashed potato on top - something the hubby created.

Microwaved is rather nasty to hot dogs really. They tend to explode or make them shrivel and look really weird :eek:

The only way I’ll eat them is after they’ve been grilled until blisters form.

I would like to say that turkey dogs are evil and should be banned. At the least people shouldn’t be allowed to give them to you without warning.

As for how I cook my hot-dogs I usually poke 'em with a fork and nuke em for 30 seconds. They come out just the right temperature and they look normal too.

I always liked mine grilled, but firing up every time I want a hot dog is a bit inconvenient. The easiest way has always been the microwave. That is, until I got my famous-boxer-endorsed grill. Now I cook 'em on that.

On the other hand, my kids like when I cut the little suckers up (the hot dogs, not my kids) and simmer them in some barbeque sauce. MMmmm…ok, well, so do I.

Grilled or boiled is fine with me. I’ve never tried to heat one in a microwave though. I’d be afraid it would explode and make a big mess.

I cook them up in the microwave for a quick snack. I would have to say that charred is the best way to go, but then you’re asking someone who loves the taste of burnt meat.

I have microwaved a hot dog exactly once. And I will never ever allow this atrocity to happen in my kitchen again. :smiley:

I have four ways of making them:

  1. I fry them on the stove in butter, then give the ends to my dog, or
  2. Cook them on the grill, then give the ends to my dog, or
  3. split them down the middle, stuff em with a piece of cheese and then cook them in a frying pan covered so the cheese gets all melty, then I give the ends to my dog, or
  4. I boil them - but only when they will be eaten with Kraft Mac N Cheese with the prepared sauce, then give the ends and some mac and cheese to my dog.

Um - TMI, right? :wink:

Chopped up fine and added to fried onions and potatoes in a hot skillet, and then I scramble a couple of eggs into them and calls it “breakfast.”

Another vote for boiled. Grilled is good, of course, but I prefer to boil them so as to reduce their saltiness. I live in Sweden, where hot dogs (known as korv) are even more popular than the well-hyped meatballs. A korv stand of some sort or another can usually be found on every corner of Stockholm. One has a choice of getting them boiled or grilled, and I always choose boiled.

Heat vision on low intensity.

Usually they’re frozen when I start (as if I ever plan far enough ahead to think about defrosting first… :slight_smile: ), so I usually boil them. At the last minute, I fry until blisters form. This is pretty rare, though. I’m hardly ever in the mood for the old lips, assholes and pig intestine combo…

Honey…go make me a hot dog.

[sub]Well, that’s the only way I know how to do it.[/sub]

You’re supposed to cook them?

I know what I’m eating for breakfast tomorrow. Sounds tasty - I’m sure your arteries love you, Ike!


Only eat them when camping. On a stick.

I learned last summer that this doesn’t work so well with Tofu dogs. I unknowingly grabbed one from a vegetarian’s stash and thoroughly destroyed it while cursing “what’s wrong with this hotdog!”.

Odd, am I the only one who steams his hotdogs? I just use my rice cookers steamer attachment. They come out perfect. If not that, flame grilled is next best, followed by pan fried, after that taste wise is nuking. I don’t boil hotdogs, I’m not into mush.

I love hotdogs when they’re cooked on the grill but I would NEVER touch one that was boiled…ewww…

I had a traumatic childhood, the Momster would cook dogs every Sunday, about eight at a time in frying pan with just a LEETLE bit of water. They would get blackened on the outside (Mom is not known for her culinary artisty, shall we say?) and smoke would fill that end of the kitchen.

Me, when I’m lazy I nuke them. Adventurous? Grill 'em. Normally inspired? Pan, stovetop, enough water to boil, then cook off, and LIGHTLY BROWN the skin. Buns are toaster-ovened to a light brown. Spicy mustard, sweet relish, and ketchup. Got a wild hair? Cheese, barbeque sauce, and mayo have all been known to be unleased.

friend narile,

steamed is my favorite indoor method too. i love the way they taste from the grill, but sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate.

slathered in shredded cheese,. and diced red onion on a bakery fresh italian roll.

now, how about italian sausage?