How do you eat apple pie?...mmmm...pie

I have a beautiful Dutch crusted apple pie. I usually like to enjoy it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Actually that is the only way I ever eaten apple pie.

I’ve been hearing about apple pie and cheddar cheese, and how good that is, quite a bit lately.

I happen to have fresh vanilla ice cream and some fairly good aged cheddar on hand.

How do you enjoy your apple pie? With a scoop of Ice cream or a wedge of Cheddar cheese or something completely different maybe?

I’ll eat it either way.

Vanilla ice cream is excellent when you can eat it warm and it melts slowly as you eat. A perfect combo of hot and cold in a sweet mixture.

Cheese is perfect when you are say… bringing leftovers to work. Vanilla ice cream would never last until lunch! Or even when you don’t feel like something quite so sweet.

I couldn’t pick my favourite, I love it both ways.

I will eat it with ice cream.
I will eat it with whipped cream.
I will eat it with Cool Whip.
I will eat it with any combination of the above.
I will eat it plain.

I love apple pie.

I’ve never tried it with cheese, though.

“Dutch-crusted”, you say? MMMmmmm…

I’ll eat apple pie any way I can. Quoting Kat, “I love apple pie.” It’s definitely one of the pies I’ll make for Thanksgiving.

Am I the only person who remembers the old New England saying, that “apple pie without some cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.”

Love, Phil

Dutch crusted apple pie.
They had 'em on sale today at my local grocers…I couldn’t resist.

I am gonna have a slice right now with ice cream.

Cheddar tommorrow, I’ll post my scientific results.

I’m a freak who doesn’t like pie with ice cream. (ice cream = yum, pie = yum, pie a la mode = bleurgh)

So I’ll usually eat pie plain, but sometimes with cheese.

And there is only One True Apple Pie: Deep-dish, made with Stayman Winesaps. All others are but pale imitations.

Warm (preferably from having been just baked) with homemade cinnamon ice cream and a cup of coffee.

I never got the allure of the cheese-on-pie thing at all.

Plain. With cheese is… weird. I’d rather have tart apple + cheese than sweet pie + cheese.

Not a fan of whipped cream/cool whip, so I’ve never really bothered with that either.

With my butt.
I mean mouth! With my mouth!

In a box.

Or with a fox.

Yeah, you would! :stuck_out_tongue:

I eat mine plain or with tofu ice cream because I can’t eat ice cream. It’s YUM!

Suuuure, and I bet you make your ‘apple pie’ with a Dutch oven.

I love it with a very sharp cheddar melted on top and a scoop of vanilla ice cream alongside. I’ll even microwave the pie with the cheese on it to make sure the cheese is melted, as opposed to just sitting there. The tang of the cheddar offsets the sweetness of the crust and filling, and the ice cream adds creaminess and cools everything off.

I also prefer a tartness to the apples. Otherwise, the filling is just too sweet. Granny Smiths are wonderful. (They’re also wonderful just to eat, preferably when they’re a bit chilled and very crisp.)

Warm pie made with tart apples, preferably with a full and flaky crust on top (rather than lattice-topped, open, Dutch, etc.). A slice of warm but not completely melted sharp cheddar on top.

If the filling is overly sweet, I’ll use a milder cheddar, or no cheese at all.

Like this…OM NOM NOM NOM

Hot apple pie, covered in hot dairy custard. There’s no other way!

I eat it from a plate.* Don’t put anything on it; that’s fine for others if they like, but I don’t want anything extra. Just pie and a cup of black coffee, thanks. And if I come back from the grocery store today with a frozen deep-dish apple pie to pop into the oven and nosh on all week, I’ll blame you, ShermanAter, for making me get something all yummy and bad for me!

Sometimes, I’ll eat the last slice right out of the pie pan, though.

Warm, with vanilla ice cream. Perhaps a drizzle of caramel on the plate before the pie goes down.

I’m not from here, so the cheese thing was new to me and I still haven’t tried it.

I like apple pie best cold and unadorned; I like the flavor and texture better that way. If it’s hot, I prefer to have whipping (not whipped) cream poured over it, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I haven’t tried it with cheese melted on it, but a bit of cheddar on the side can be nice.

Warm, gooey apple pie…mmmm. I want some right now! I am going to make an apple pie when I get home now thanks to this thread. I blame you, ShermanAter!:stuck_out_tongue: