How do you envision a Phoenix?

I am trying to envision a Phoenix. Yes, Google is filled with a bazillion images. I’m asking you all- what do you think one would look like?

I’m probably going to have a design worked up for something, and it will be a one-off. Probably painted onto leather, but I’m not sure yet. So, indulge your imagination and share your dream of a Phoenix.


I think it would look like a peacock, only all red and gold and silver, and without the obnoxious noise and personality.

For some strange reason, I always thought it would look like the Road Runner…

Exactly like a pink flamingo. (Phoenicopterus.)

They lay their eggs in volcanic rock and appear to have fiery feathers. “Rising from the ashes.”

No idea whether they were named for heraldic/legendary phoenix, or if they are the source of the legend.

I’m sure someone with some insight into that will be along in a few minutes.

A large bird like a bird of prey but with feathers the colors of flames. Wings out stretched as in lifting off.

A big city in the desert?

Either a blonde woman who marries her own grandson


a spaceship carrying anime characters.

The way the Xmen cartoon (old one, not the current one) showed Jean Gray when she became the Phoenix.