Okay, who ordered the phoenix?

Could you pick up your order now, please. Every time we cook the thing, it pops up out of its own ashes.

Sorry, can’t help you. I’m busy pushing this rock up a mountain. Really, I’m almost there and …
… oh damn.

The police have announced that a Mr. Prometheus is a person of interest in the case of the Zippo lighters theft, and would like anyone who has seen him recently to contact their local police department at the non-emergency number.

Euty: You’re just a sissy, to raise such a fuss! :slight_smile:

In other news, it was announced that after furore over the abduction of Ganymede, Fred Phelps will be picketing Mount Olympus.

I think there’s been some mistake. I distinctly ordered the Southern-Fried Roc. Phoenix gives me recurring heartburn.

Sorry that pick-up is taking so long. It’s just that on my way over I passed this really nice little pond and when I went over to take a closer look I saw this fascinatingly gorgeous creature staring up at me.

I’ll be along in a minute.

I think it may have been Orpheus, but it was fried chicken and not phoenix. He said Eurydice was hungry for some bird, at least.

Well, it’s not me. I ordered the grapes and water.

I didn’t order it either. I’ve been a vegetarian ever since I found out the love of my life has paraded as a swan, a splendid bull, and one of those one-bite-little-birdies.

Okay … hang on … almost there again …


Was that River or Joaquin?

BTW, Daedalus called and asked if you had seen Icarus. Said he had tried out some new heavy-duty phoenix wings but was worried about the glue. Said he was going to get a few slabs of feta at you place before the takeoff.

Well, that’s okay – I like my phoenix rare, anyways.

I was on my way over to pick up the Phoenix, but the wax in my wings melted … and hitting the ground really, really hurt.

I, uh, caught an updaft, that’s all - really, honest.

I’d love to stop and pick up something to eat myself, but I’m really in a hurry; I’ve been away from home on business quite a while, and I want to get back as quickly as possible.

I hope there’s no traffic or any other delays on the way. That’d be a bitch.

Hey! My vegetarian burger came with this “Special Surprise Gift Box”! I can hardly wait to open it.

I’ve got this “To Do list” I’m trying to finish; anybody know the best way to clean out a stable fast?

There’s a vulture at table six still waiting for his liver.

Well, listen, if you happen to pick up a windbag on the way home – for gosh sakes don’t let him open up or anything!

AwWWwww Gee, Dad!

Do I haveta do all seven labors right now? I wanna go sailing with Jason and his pals.

We’ll be back, soon.

And cleaning out those stables will make me smell bad!

I’d love to help you out, Bosda, but first I’ve got to go to this concert. I hear these ladies sing some real killer tunes!