Okay, who ordered the phoenix?

“They’re not gonna try and land that thing here are they?”

“It sure as hell looks that way!”

(bolding mine)

From one of my favorite James Stewart films: Flight Of The Phoenix, which I am still searching for on either DVD or VHS.

AMC is currently mauling this excellent film almost weekly!



Sorry, can’t hear much of this thread, my dog keeps barking.

Ummm…I believe you’ll find the fleece you seek here.

Will you shut the dog up, hon? I can’t hear the takeout man!.. That’s better. We really need to thank Hephaestus for that triple muzzle. …OK, we’d like two orders of ambrosia, one nectar and one pomegranate juice. Address? Oh, yeah. The underworld… What do you mean, you don’t deliver to the land of the dead? Your ad says you’ll deliver ANYWHERE!.. Look, I’ll get hubby to write you a pass. And the dog is muzzled, don’t worry about him. Just ignore the ghosts, they won’t bother you unless there’s fresh blood around. OK? Good. <click>

WhooooHooooo! Thanks Davebear! I had been looking at my local Border’s Books and haven’t seen the film there, so I didn’t even bother looking anywhere else, dummy me! :smiley:

Appreciate it!


Hey, garcon, a turtle just killed the man next to me and now it’s splattered all over my souvlakia!

I would’ve been here sooner, but I spilled some hot wax on my husband…

Like my new haircut?

I think I’ll go lie down for a minute.

Damnit! I was giving my baby a bath in the Styx when all three of that pooch’s heads started yapping and Achilles starting crying.

There, there darling. We’ll get that spot on your ankle later, mommy promises.


Phoenix? I ordered up a big dish of my own sons.

Look, I’ll pick up the fried bird later, OK? Right now I’ve got this splitting headache. It feels like I’m having labor pains in my forehead.

It wasn’t me. I’ll just finish up this lotus fruit and then I’ve got to be getting…, [sub][sup]ummmmm…[/sup][/sub], well, I thought there was somewhere I had to be going, but maybe not.

I was on my way to pick it up, I swear, but on our way out the door my husband just HAD to glance over at the new neighbor’s yard (little Miss Gorgon) where she was lying out by the pool even though I’ve warned him time and again NOT to look directly at her. Honestly, the woman just moved in three days ago and 14 men in the neighborhood have already been completely turned to stone. I certainly don’t see the attraction what with all the snakes in her hair, but there’s no accounting for taste I guess.
Now my husband is out in the front yard frozen for all eternity with a big goofy grin on his face. Maybe I can hang bird feeders on him or something.

I seem to have gotten lost–I was following the thread Ariadne gave me, (and doing the “always turn right” trick, just in case), and then this crazy bull-man thing attacked me. Now I’m covered in blood and all turned around. I just hope that thing wasn’t sick, I’d hate to get mad cow’s disease or something.
Add an order of ribs to the phoenix, will ya?

Um, I think Cyclops ordered the Phoenix.

Yeah, him & Professor Xavier.
Look, YOU guys make your little ‘in-jokes’ about YOUR favorite classical literature and I’LL make MINE. 'kay? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: It is a great movie. I may have to order a copy, myself.

Well, I guess now I know why the darn database just keeps returning “The Phoenix is up”, “The Phoenix is down”, “The Phoenix is up”,… I thought someone had hacked our Oracle server.

I’m sorry i can’t pick my order right now, I’m all tied up.
…Sisyphus…looking your way…not amused…at all

Just deliver it at the cave next to the Lethe, my brother will pay you.

No thanks - I’m not eating anything today… Have to get back and help my mom.

No really! I’m on a diet, I couldn’t eat a thing.

OOoooo Pomegranate seeds!!! Well maybe I can stay a while…

There goes that kid riding Pegasus again. HEY!!! MY HOUSE DOES NOT NEED FERTILIZING!!!

Damn kids. No respect.

I’m wondering if a phoenix is a kosher bird.

Is it a predator? Is it a scavenger? Does it show significant intelligence?

So anyway, I was at a singles’ party the weekend before last, and I met this lovely girl named Rommie. She said she was more beautiful than someone – I didn’t catch the name, it was all Greek to me. Anyway, she hasn’t returned my calls all week; I hope she didn’t get tied down with something major.