How Do You Find the Cheapest Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper is sold in a confusing mess of single vs double rolls, differing number of sheets per roll, single vs double ply…So how do you find which is cheapest?

My bum is too precious to use the cheap stuff, I prefer quality of quantity. I have found that to achieve the same level of cleanliness, I have to use more of the cheap stuff thus making any savings a moot point. In that sense, I likely spend less per wipe using the more expensive TP.

What racer72 said - but surely you noticed the square footage marking on the package?

What you’re looking for is “movements per roll.” I found it to be Charmin Extra Strong, but of course your movements may vary.

Amen. Screw TP. I like to use high end facial tissue like Puffs Ultimate. It’s super soft, lubed, and thick. Like wiping your poop shute with fine silk.
To the OP, I’m not advising this but there are some who pay nothing for TP. It’s called theft. In the past 31 years you’d be stunned how many times I’ve been dispatched to department stores, schools, and restaurants for TP theft complaints. Those huge round industrial roles are the worst toilet papers ever (Read: shit on your fingers!) but some people will do anything to save money I guess.

I don’t focus on the price; for something I wipe my bum with, I focus on whether it is made from recycled fibres or not. I hate the thought of flushing trees down the toilet.

Consumer Reports tested toilet paper a while ago.

The best buy (best overall score) was White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra Soft and Thick (Walmart)

Also recommended are (descending overall score)

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush
Great Value Ultra Strong (Walmart)
White Cloud Soft and Thick (Walmart) (the cheapest of the recommended)
CVS Premium Ultra

For complete info, you’ll need a subscription to their website.

I actually tried the White Cloud and it was okay, but I hated going to Walmart. So now I use the Quilted Northern.

This practice causes huge problems down the line. Those wipes were not designed to be flushed because they don’t dissolve. This means that the guys who keep the sewers working hate people like you with passion.

Toilet paper is such a personal preference kind of item, that it’s impossible to say what’s “cheapest”, because different wiping styles and different textures will alter the amount used in actual practice from person to person.

Most of the month, we like plain ol’ Scott 1000. It lasts forever, it’s smooth and absorbent and it doesn’t break apart in my hands, but it’s not ultra plush, embossed, super think or luxurious. The large time span between roll changes makes it a very affordable option 3 weeks out of 4.

The 4th week, I have to use a ridiculous amount of it to wipe everything that needs wiping, to the point where I seriously fear clogging my plumbing. The smooth texture just doesn’t do a good job making me feel clean enough. That week, I simply switch to something with more texture, and use far fewer linear inches of paper per wipe, and far fewer wipes per toilet expedition. So we keep a roll of something with babies or puppies pictured on the package for weeks when Aunt Flo is coming to visit, and switch back to Scott when the bitch leaves. It also works as an early warning system to let my husband to know when to buy chocolate and foot massage lotion. :wink:
ETA: Oh, I realized I didn’t actually answer the question. How I found out which was cheapest was I wrote the date I bought the package on the wrapper with a Sharpie, and then compared the longevity of the package to other brands. It’s not square inches or length of roll that concerns me, it’s how much money I’m spending how often. My per day use is least with Scott 1000, of the toilet papers we deemed acceptable for use.

Just use your hands and some soap and water.

It’s the one your finger goes through while you are wiping your ass.

I think I love you.

I look at the overall square footage, and definitely don’t go with the cheap stuff. That’s the wrong place to economize.

But(t), I keep a container of Huggies wipes next to the toilet (“One and Done” are the best: thickest) and use one to finish the job. Of course, I don’t flush them. This is a very good system.

Wait, what? You guys wipe your own asses?

What’s the point of showing the square footage? Would a roll of 4 gigantic sheets, each 40 square feet, be a bargain compared to to a 120 square foot 1,000 sheet roll?

Hard to see from the way we use toilet paper in Australia.

I use square footage but it has to be 2-ply. A lot of frugal people like those 1000 sheet rolls, but I think most of those are 1-ply and I don’t think my wife or daughter would go for that.

I can’t spend $1000s a year on toilet paper. So I do have to watch the price. I don’t think I’ve done better than 1 cent per square foot, which I get from a Kroger generic. Also, I like the smaller rolls in the cheap packages because there is probably less waste. I have a wife and cats, so it is not unheard of for one of those huge rolls to just be completely obliterated unrolled and rubbed all over the floor.

I just use the flushable wipes made by the TP companies. I’m surprised when I read message boards that more people don’t. I only use 1 for #2 and buy the refill packs in bulk. So it’s pretty cheap. I think the right combination of dry and wet paper can be a way to economize- saves on water and/or excessive dry sheets.

You graph your poo?

PastTense, does the store where you buy TP have the little placard displayed below for each item that states the cost per unit for all the items? I’d think you could compare those values since they should be normalized to get your cheapest wipe.

Feel the roll between the tube and the outside edge. If you can compress it a lot, the roll will be mostly fluff and air and won’t last long.

I use mostly Scott brand or the store brand that is similar to Scott if it meets the compression test and has a lot of paper. I don’t want to spend a lot on something I’m going to throw away.

I watched a few episodes of 'Extreme Cheapskate" a few weeks ago and was surprised at the number of people who won’t buy toilet paper.

One family used washcloths- they mounted a basket where the tp roll would go stocked with the laundered washcloths and a small waste basket below for the used cloths. They showed the kids folding laundry and a small boy said something like “This one is dirty.” The mom simply said “No, it’s not,” but the washcloth was stained with skid-marks. Gross.

Another person installed one of those sprayers like would be found in a kitchen sink to be used in a bidet-like fashion. No word on what he used to dry off.

One lady peed in a jar so as to not flush and therefore save on water, but reported she had bowel movements ‘in the normal way.’ She was attempting to get her boyfriend who was moving in to do the same and offered to get him his own special jar.

One guy required of his roommates that they to not flush and attempted to limit flushing to once a week. His toilet was, predictably, very dirty looking.

You might like to get one of those ‘peri rinse bottles’ like the ones used in the post partum unit, or something similar. A rinse and a pat dry might be fresher, easier, and much less papery.