Where is the cheapest place to buy Charmin toilet paper? (need answer fast-ish)

Lame question, but hopefully it has a quick and simple answer. I alternate buying TP with my roommate, and she refuses to wipe her sparkling fanny with anything but Charmin. I try to buy the red (double roll? maybe) 20-packs, since they seem to go long enough without being prohibitively expensive.

I tried googling this all morning but couldn’t find anything except expired coupons, and people amazed to find out that Staples sells toilet paper.

I usually buy it at Costco, but I’m not sure if the per-roll cost comes out cheaper that way, if you can find it on sale elsewhere. Somewhere around $20 for a 24-pack.

But why not buy whatever you want, if you don’t care? What’s your roomie going to do, not wipe her butt?

Because I choose my battles, and I don’t want to fight on this one. TP is pretty much the only thing we share, and it’s really not that big a deal to me.

I don’t have a costco (or sam’s club) membership, so those stores are right out.

Costco is the cheapest, but if that’s not an option, clip coupons and go to Target.

I find stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar are as cheap (or cheaper) for “staples” like Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Soap, Deodorant etc. than WallyMart and Target and K-mart. Plus Parking is easier, and there is little hassle. I only go to the big discount stores if I can’t find what I need at Dollar General.

Astorian, I don’t get circulars because I change addresses so much–the spam doesn’t have a chance to find me before I move again. Unless there’s an online coupon for Target (or another place to get those coupons that isn’t occurring to me), that’s unfortunately not an option.

The problem is, my roommate is brand-loyal to Charmin. I would buy Aldi toilet paper if it was just for myself.

The small discount retailers (like DG and FG) have name brands products. At least they do in my town.

I just bought some of the stuff at Target on Saturday, but since the usual ad cycle is Sunday to Saturday, I don’t know if the deal is still on, but they had the 18-roll bales of red mega rolls on sale, and if you buy two, they give you a $5 gift card.

They’re not nearly as soft or absorbent.

Charmin? That stuff pills up on your ass. I prefer Angel Soft.

My SIL is also a picky wiper- it’s Charmin or nothing. :rolleyes:



You could try Amazon for this if you can deal with waiting a few days for shipping.

Aside from that, how ridiculous is your roommate getting about Charmin when Charmin is not available? Temper tantrum throwing, or just being whiny for a day or two?

Many of these stores offer a one-time guest pass, so you can try out the store. Or you can go with someone who is a member. Or you can have someone purchase a CostCo gift certificate for you online (even someone far away, like family members back home) and then you can use that to enter the store.

None of this is fast, but for future reference…

Google Charmin and go to “coupons and offers.” There is a link to the online P&G store and check out their prices.

Get on the P&G mailing list. Many manufacturers will give discounts for signing up and regularly send out coupons.

Many couponers will write glowing letters to manufacturers about their product and how much they use it. They will often get vouchers for free product in return.

Google “clipping services” and see if you can buy some coupons.

Check out couponmom.com to see if you can find it on sale. You may be able to match a store sale with a coupon from a clipping service(double bonus) if they can mail it to you fast enough. Read their policy.

I am a recipient of P&G’s “Everyday Solutions” emails. Most of it is pretty useless to me (not a woman, don’t have a baby, prefer other dishwashing and laundry detergents, and so on), but it might have something you’re interested in. I find that the shampoo samples, for instance, are handy for traveling. They also run a big circular in the paper first Sunday of every month. http://www.pgeverydaysolutions.com/pgeds/brandsaver-coupons.jsp will tell you if a local paper will carry it.

If you can’t find circular in the paper, they will definitely have them available from clipping services.

Here is one(the first result on google).

While there is no doubt a finite answer to this question, it’s more suited to IMHO, which is where I"ve moved it from GQ.

samclem, Moderator

Could you keep two different rolls in there? My family used to do that in the bad old days of perfumed toilet paper, one generic, one fancy.

Thanks for the forum move. I figured there’d be a quicker and dirtier answer but it didn’t turn out that way :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up buying deluxe Cottonelle, instead :eek: It shaved off a few bucks. And it’s still thick and cottony. If she makes a stink over it, then I’ll propose buying separate TP from now on. I needed to buy it this time to “even us up,” since when I moved in, she had just bought a new 24-pack. After this stuff is gone, we’ll be even.

I definitely appreciate the couponing links. I’ve never ever used a coupon in my life, except the ones that are attached to items in the store (buy this specific box of cat litter and save $2 instantly! sure, why not, I was going to buy it anyway). But I took a pay cut, can’t stop smoking, and only have a total shopping budget (food, everything) of $40 a week now. So every dollar counts.