How do you get Internet links to not pop up on the search bar....

Let’s say you visit . In my experience even when you go into Internet options and delete your cookies, temp files, and history it’s still there. The next time you go online and type a , abc STILL pops up. Did some evil snake woman design this feature so that men can’t look at porn sites without getting caught?

Try this.

Evil snake women wouldn’t have allowed this loophole.

Opera works a little better for such purposes. You can set the length of time that such histories are kept, and the clear function really works.

You can also try unclicking Inline Auto Complete.

Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, scroll down about halfway to where it says Use Inline AutoComplete, and unclick that.

Even after you delete your past history in the options panel, you still have to delete TODAY’s history by hand (just open history, select “today”, and hit delete).

Most people I know go to Google all the damn time. Just type the url in the field and click on I’m feeling lucky. You can also just type in the partial url and it will obviously perform a search.

I use my history bar for sites that I might eventually go back to, but are not worthy of bookmarking. The above mentioned work just as well.

I use avant browser ( ), its has several options in its clear records field, and it does stop exactly what you are talking about.

I mean we wouldn’t want the wife to try and type in, only to have to pop up! :smack:

p.s I have no idea whether is a real site so don’t click on it!
sorry! :smack:

Well I did and it is and it tries to download a dialler/installer. Stay away!

I thought your wife forbade porn, and you were complying with that . . . :rolleyes: