How do you get overstrike on Firefox?

Insert key toggles overstrike in Word and most editors.

IE supports the Insert key and overstrike.

Any way to get overstrike in Firefox? Why are they making this so #$$@ difficult?

Google yields lots of questions and no answers.

What are you attempting to do?

Firefox is not a text editor. It’s a browser.

In use on message boards, it’s a product of the board software, not of the browser. Some use the letter “S” in square brackets; I think the SDMB uses “del” in square brackets. [del]test[/del]

I need overstrike on boards like this.

Text I copy/paste from other places is sometimes in upper. I need to type over it and make it lower case. Otherwise I’ll get flamed for posting in uppercase.

He’s talking about overwriting text instead of inserting, not about the strike-through feature that most message boards support.

To the OP: I don’t have an answer, except to say that maybe you should invoke a text editor to transfer the uppercase to lowercase and then paste it into Firefox as ready-to-go. I know that VIM allows you to toggle the case of a character using the tilde (~) key, which would be a quicker way than re-typing everything.

I’ve been using Word to change case on long passages. select text, Shift-F3

If it’s only a few words, over type would be quicker. Firefox is one of the few applications that doesn’t use the Insert key correctly. Insert key goes back to the DOS days. Works almost everywhere.

It’s called overtype mode, not overstrike.

Doesn’t appear to function on Chrome or Safari, so this seems to be an IE-specific functionality (as far as browsers go). Perhaps you can make do with the IE Tab addon for Firefox, using IE’s rendering engine within a FF tab for specific sites (I’ve not tested whether overtype mode works or not in IE Tab).

This is a known issue with Firefox. It’s logged as Bug 38415 on their official bug tracker (though strictly speaking it’s not a bug, but rather a request for an enhancement). If you feel strongly that it should be implemented, then you can create a free account on the bug tracker and vote for it.

As the method you want to use to change the case seems to involve retyping everything anyway, why not just retype? If it helps, copy and paste the uppercase text, then retype in lower case below it and delete the original uppercase part. That is no more work than overtyping would be.