How do you like your corn?


Boiled, buttered and salted.

I can eat it until I get sick.

Whoa, this forum has polling now? Or is it a special moderator power?

ETA: Why are there any options besides “corndog” on there?

My mistake, I put it in the wrong forum, heh.

grilled corn on the cob

No boiling! Shuck, wrap in plastic wrap and nuke for a couple of minues: hot, sweet, tender and tasty. No water, no mess. Trust me on this.

On somebody else’s toes.

I voted “Hey you forgot” because you can’t pick more than one. :mad:

Actually, I put about one inch of water in the stock pot, pile the corn in, cover and let sit for 10 minutes. No mushy corn, and do bunches at a time!

I do the plastic wrap version on the rare occasion I only cook one…

On the cob, grilled, not in the husk. Regular ol’ butter and salt is good, but sometimes I’m in the mood for that and a bit of lime and powdered chiles.

Grilled, in the husk, with the kernels slightly burnt. Butter it up, put some ground black pepper on it, and that’s all there is to it.

I was torn between cornbread and corn dog. What I really love most is the cornbread part of a corn dog, more than cornbread by itself, and more than the dog part of a corn dog.


Anything but creamed.

I like frozen corn, steamed with butter and hot sauce.

But I voted for popcorn, because of the choices, it’s the one I liked.

To hell with “you forgot”… :slight_smile:

I like it all. Well, I can do without corn chips.
But I voted for on the cob.

Roasted on the cob, buttered, lightly dusted with cayenne pepper.

Roasted, de-cobbed, and mixed with lime juice, cotija cheese and a bit of red pepper flake.

I chose on the cob due to the structure of the poll, but really it’s a 3-way tie: on the cob, popcorn, canned sweet corn.

I have to admit, I’m one of those people that doesn’t quite “get” popcorn. It’s like eating packing peanuts. I guess once in awhile I’ll like some cheese popcorn mixed with some caramel popcorn, but plain ol’ popcorn is pretty dull to me.

I have to choose between “on the cob” and “popcorn”? That’s like having to choose between your two kids (assuming, you know, that you love your kids . . . ).