How do you make your Eggs in Bed?

There was a thread here a while ago asking what do you call the meal that V made for Evey in V for Vendetta. My 'Buela called in huevos en cama, so to me it has always been Eggs in Bed.

What I do is add a tablespoon or so of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of butter, crack the egg in that once it gets foamy and then put the bread over the egg. When it’s time to flip, I add another tablespoon of butter to the pan. I also fry the round piece of bread and put that on top of the yolk when done.
I find that this does not always crunch the bread up as much as I like, however. How do you make this?

And here I was thinking this was a question that could only be answered by a chicken.

I find it pretty difficult to make eggs in bed since the stove’s not in the bedroom.

For those who don’t know what the OP is talking about, there’s a Wikipedia article.

My kids call it a Hole in One. I butter a piece of holey bread, put it in the skillet, and break the egg into it shortly after it starts to sizzle. Flip it not-too-gently (they like broken yolks), sizzle some more, serve.
When I make it for myself I add a slice of ham, some cheese and a other slice of bread, which I guess means it’s no longer in the same category. But oh! so good!

How does the extra work make this any better that just putting a fried egg on some buttered toast?

Semi-relevant thread here.

I cluck and push really hard.

For some unknown reason, we always called it a “Rocky Mountain.” My variation is, after flipping it over and reducing the heat, add a slice of sharp cheddar. If you don’t reduce the heat, the bottom burns before the cheddar is melted.

I say “Honey, make me some Vendetta eggs please” and wait a few minutes. :smiley:

Like papergirl said, get the skillet heating while you lightly butter the bread and use a cup to cut the hole out. Toss bread hole and holey bread in hot pan, hear satisfying sizzle and get an egg out and crack into the hole. We like ours dippable, so gently turn as soon as the white is solid enough on the bottom, the white will soak into the bread as it’s cooking and it’s an easy flip.

This is your problem… put the bread on first… let it get a bit browned, then add the egg in the hole.

And it is One Eyed Sandwich around here.

Egg in the nest. Yum.

Butter bread, cut a hole in the middle (I use a shot glass) fry it up, crack an egg and dump it in the hole. Salt and lots of pepper. Let fry for a minute or two. Flip to the other side for a minute and you’re done!

I didn’t have a word for it before V for Vendetta came out. It was a special thing that my sister made for the family sometimes on holiday mornings. We called it “eggs in bread.” Now I call it eggie in the basket :slight_smile:

I don’t know why but this dish has an absolutely ridiculous number of names. I’ve heard it called egg in a basket, eggs in a frame, eggs in a hole, toad in the hole, hole in one, One-eyed Jack, One-eyed Pete, pirate’s eye, gashouse/gashous eggs, bulls-eye eggs, spit in the ocean, and more.

I make it very simply. Butter a piece of bread on both sides, cut out a hole with a glass, throw both parts in the skillet and let them get nice and crispy, crack an egg in the middle, flip and cook the other sides, plate and use the middle section to sop up the egg yolk when you’re done.

Yep. And nope. ***Yep ***that’s why the OP’s don’t come out with that nice buttery crunch to it, and ***nope ***because

It’s a one-eyed Jack. Get it right. :slight_smile:

I will put in the bread first from now on. But. . . butter the bread or butter the pan?
P.S., why didn’t I think to put cheese on it? I put cheese on everything. Even pie!

For us, they were gopher holes.

Cut out the hole in a thick piece of bread, butter a skillet, toss in both the holey bread and the hole. Toast for however long it takes to get one side done, flip, add a dab more butter, then add the egg and cook until the egg is pretty much done and the toast is crunchy. Usually the toast middle is done first so it gets nibbled while the bread with egg finishes off.

And an odd thing I like as a snack that I haven’t made in years - my nanny used to take english muffins, do a thin smear of horseradish and butter then toast, and put a slice of cheese on top at the end and kick up the broiler to make the cheese go all bubbly. She was German, so it was probably something akin to some snack she liked when growing up.

We called them “bull’s eyes” and I only remember eating them while camping. It is also the only time we had brand name sugared cereals (e.g. fruit loops) instead of generic (sometimes sugared but often not) cereal. We’d get those packages of individual boxes. I’m sure the unit price is through the roof, which is why we only had them on camping trips.


Just made some this morning for breakfast. Butter both sides of bread, cut hole with small cookie cutter, put breads in hot skillet, crack egg in hole, sprinkle with salt, thyme, and paprika, flip. Eat when whites are done but yolk is runny. Sometimes put shredded cheddar on top.

We call it egg-in-a-hole. Never seen V for Vendetta.