How do you pronounce 'Daschle'?

As in Tom, the senator from South Dakota.

Thanks !

It’s pronounced like dash-ell, with the accent on the first syllable (although I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh use an unflattering pronunciation).

It’s pronounced like DASH-el

As in, “The 100 meter dash’ll wear you out in a hurry.”

Thanks !

I read an article in the NYT magazine and my mind has been trying to pronounce it ever since. Now I can devote it to more important pursuits.

FTR, given the strong German immigrant history of the Dakotas–in the early 1900s there were whole towns where everybody spoke German–and the ‘sch’ in his name I’m almost positive it’s a German name. The -le is a Southern German or Swiss diminutive, as in Huendle=“little dog”.

So his name means "little Dasch, and I’m hoping someone here who speaks better German than mine can tell me what a Dasch is.

Help me out, Joe Mahma. I didn’t hear the show, and I can’t figure out how Daschle could be pronounced in an unflattering way. Can you tell us how that radio guy said it?

(I was nervous about any question that mentioned that radio fellow in GQ. I even asked a moderator for guidance. He said we’d be all right if nobody got carried away. So, I’m trying to be careful and not get in a R… um, in a hurry.) :wink: