How Do You Pronounce "Podkayne"?

I’ve been fondly regarding Heinlein’s works over the last few days, but I must ask:

How Do You Pronounce “Podkayne”?

Is there a way I could hear it pronounced?

I always heard it in my inner ear as POD-kane.

Same here.

Me three.

Joining the chorus.

Suzanne Collins must have been channeling Heinlein’s gift for WTF female names when she came up with “Katniss.”
(as I recall, Heinlein’s character was said to be named after a Martian saint…which excuses nothing.)

Three syllables; Pod.Kay.nee.


All of which are guesses.

Anybody know how Heinlein pronounced it?

I can only think of two names and one nickname that are remotely WTF in Heinlein: Podkayne (which *he *pronounced pod-kain; second-guess as you like), Allucquere (which I considered for my daughter) and Deety aka Dejah Thoris. The rest of his female character names tend to be alien constructions like Mary, Betty and Hazel.

Suzanne Collins seems to have sat in one of those creative writing workshops that instilled the rule that “weird almost-normal-sounding names are good world-building.”

They’re not.

We could ask her, but it looks like she hasn’t posted here since 2006.

Yet another “Me too!” for this.


No idea.

That’s my only familiarity with the name, and I’ve always said it “POD-kane” to myself.

I agree.

In re Heinlein: I said he had the gift. I didn’t say he always used it.:cool:

We have to guess how we, ourselves, pronounce a word?

Throatwarbler Mangrove.

I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it in any way other than Pod-Kane and I’ve been around since before Heinlein put up his electrified fence to ward off the hippies.

I know this isn’t technically true. It was an ordinary fence with an electrified gate. Don’t hurt me, Amateur Barbarian.

I guess I’m the only one who pronouced it “pod-KAI-nuh” in my head.

Anyway, she pretty much went by “Poddy”, didn’t she? I have a certain sympathy with that abbreviation.

<SLAPS Johnny Q With A Wet Martian Trout>