How Do You Pronounce Vehicle?

Inspired by the recent coitus pronunciation thread:

On a local radio station, some guy hawking used cars keeps talking about getting good, cheap vehicles at his location.

He pronounces it Vee-Hickle.

I have always kept the “h” silent, so it sounds like Vee-Ickle.

How do you pronounce it?

(Oh, and feel free to add any other pronunciation questions in this thread and hijack away!)

I pronounce it with a silent h as well. Like icicle, but with “vee” instead of “ice”.


It’s vee-ickle unless I’m trying to sound silly on purpose.

Then it’s vee-hickle. Hyuk!



Me, too.

If I’m am required to use that word, I keep the ‘h’ silent, as in the OP.
My husband, the redneck, says ‘vee-hick-ul.’

I mock him mercilessly for this.

VEE Hickle, although the H is almost silent.

The “h” is there, but not stressed. Unless I’ve been around my cousins…then it’s Vee-Hickle.

Is anyone else flashing back to MAS*H’s Sgt. Zale?

It’s ridiculous, but I, and many other English people, say “VEH-uh-ckle”, which is hard to say.

A stereotype of the American accent over here is for people to say “veeHICKle”. There was an ad for kids’ toys on British TV that said, in a fake American accent, “A var-I-DEE of combat veeHICKles, with realIStuck MIL’tury duh-TAIL”.

Yes, and, coincidentally, Sgt Zale does a pretty good imitation of my pronounciation of the word.

vee uh kull

New - clee - urr

A word I hear almost exclusively from the AARP set: automobile.

I say VEE-ih-kl.

My father says vee-IH-tih-kl, and I’ve never for the life of me figured out why.