How do you put someone on ignore

Sorry not seeing it…

Click on my name and a dropdown list will appear. Select “View public profile.” This’ll take you here. From there, click on the “User Lists” button beneath my name (beside “Send Message”) and from the dropdown select “Add to Ignore List.” Return to this thread and this post should be hidden.

See it, thx very much!

Did someone say something?

Stick your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la-la-la-la…

Why bother?

Because we feel like it. What’s it to you?

Sometimes it’s far less bother to put someone on ignore than to continue reading their posts.

What I would like to see is a “Reverse Ignore” option. That is, I want to put some other specific user on a shit-list, whereby that user will not see anything that I post.

Thus, if some other user takes umbrage at something I wrote and snarks at me (or worse), I would like to black-list that user so that he never sees another of my posts. (I might still want to see that user’s other posts on other subjects in other threads, or I might want to Ignore in both directions.)

Can do? Can put on vBulletin wish-list?

In fact, I think I’ll copy this post and make a new thread unto itself with this question.
ETA: Here 'tis.

How does it work in practice? I’ll admit that I don’t have anyone on ignore, because it would make threads confusing. Let’s say that I ignore DumbAssPoster1984 because he is a dumb ass. Now we have a thread debating health care:

DumbAssPoster1984: Obama is a Kenyan and wants us all to die.
RegularPoster1: That’s ridiculous, he has provided his birth certificate.
Regular Poster 2: Just because you disagree with the ACA, doesn’t mean that the President wants us to die.
DumbAssPoster 1984: He only wants to give health care to fags and let regular white Christians die.
Regular Poster 1: I would like to see a cite for that because I don’t believe that it is true at all.

If I have DumbAssPoster1984 on ignore, doesn’t it look to me as if Regular Poster 1 is responding to Regular Poster 2’s comment? Or does it work in some other way? If not, the ignore feature would be terribly confusing.

What’s it to who?

No, there’s a space where the ignored poster’s name appears, but instead of his (or her) post, there’s a message that you have the poster on Ignore. You have the option of then clicking and reading individual ignored posts without taking the ignored poster off of Ignore if you feel you really need to see the post to make sense of the thread.