How do you spell the shaking your jowls about in a flabbergasted manner sound?

You know, like when a cartoon character sees something he doesn’t believe, and quickly shakes his head back and forth saying “Ai Ai Ai”, but it gets garbled because his jowls are flapping about?

“wobbata-wobbata-wobbata” would be my suggestion.

I always wondered what that sound was, then I saw it described as a “trombone gobble” in a book about Warner Brothers cartoons.

Sure would like to see a video of a trombone player playing one.

I would just go for BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB, but post that alone, and it makes no sense.

Lets see…reciting the letters “E, I, E, I, E, I” while shaking one’s head back and forth would be spelled something like this:

eebeebeebeebeeb-ayebeebeebeebeeb-eebeebeebeeb ayebeebeebeebeebeeb-eebeebeebeebeebeeb-ayebeebeebeebeebeeb

Or a simple grunt while doing the same would sound somthing like this:


Or perhaps a less phonetical but more sybolic spelling of:


Would suffice. The “l”'s would be silent, but they sound like they belong there.

And the same can be applied to the “E, I, E, I, E, I” speling as well. One could use:


You get the point.

btw…if I was writing a book that was supposed to sound cartoonish, I would use dono’s suggestion. It has a cartoonigh ring to it.


I always thought they did it to come to their senses once they’ve been conked in the head and seeing stars.


Haven’t been able to find an attempt to spell it, but I did find the sound: