Piffle = Roll Eye Smiley??

‘Piffle’ is realy starting to grate on me.

Although it probably doesn’t grate as badly as my spelling.


Ah, a pitlet, how cute. Here’s mine: Automatic doors that don’t open quickly enough so that I don’t have to slow down piss me off.

Oh, balderdash.

Split ends.

Tommyrot, sir! Tommyrot!

Not a problem. Simply refrain from posting silly things that need no more than a brief dismissal (rather than a thorough, cite and logic laden, debunking), and you will not be subjected to a piffle.

Oh, piffle, Tom.

I can respond dismissively even to coherent, thoughful posts such as your own.

So there.

Tartar sauce.

I’ll take piffle over that fucking rolleyes smiley any day. Actually, I’ve been meaning to pit that fucker (the rolleye smiley) I just haven’t had time lately.

My favorite type of reply is tied between a lone rolleye smiley or several rolleye smileys in a row.




The Flamster beat me to it.

“Meh” is the Word.



Splish Splash, I was counting my cash.

Or you could be like Spoz and go: “wot’ever dude… I’m outta here… L8rzzzzz…” :wink:


Damn! I thought Greast was the Word.