How do you tell a coworker that her butt is showing?

How do you tell a coworker (who you will be working with for several more years) that a large portion of her butt is hanging out? this seems to be a constant for her and she never seems to feel a breeze back there even though up to five inches of booty is hanging out. I want to let her know, but in a polite way. any suggestions?

I’d just drop a pencil in her crack, but I’m like that.

Hanging out how? Her pants are low slung? Her skirt is tucked into her tights? What?

I was about to say the same thing, but I wasn’t going to say ‘pencil’.

her pants are always super low, even though she always has a belt on. its almost like she doesn’t care how she looks…

Yeah, maybe she knows exactly what’s going on. 5 inches is a lot of booty to not notice a draft.

If her pants are that low and it’s a regular occurrence she knows. Don’t waste your time.

When it’s a one time wardrobe malfunction the answer is quietly, discretly and promptly.

that may be, but its not something ANYONE wants to see, especially guests at work


“Hey, your butt’s hanging out.”

“Were you a plumber in a previous life?”

“That reminds me. I have to pick up a rump roast for dinner.”

OK, not polite. :smiley:

Although funny, it may not bode well for our working relationship :stuck_out_tongue:

could you discreetly photograph her from the rear and leave the picture on her desk/ locker /whatever?

probably not unfortunatly. it may be taken as someone making fun of her and there is the possibility of her taking it to management

If you can see 5 inches of crack in the back, how much crack up front is showing? I would think you’re in fuzz territory at the very least.

Just as someone could take to management that her mode of dress not only is inappropriate for at work, but she may be doing it to suggest something, … and that’s sexual harassment on her part.

You could print this news story for the headline.

Does this really affect you? Why does this have anything to do with you at all?

If there are performance issues, your supervisor presumably has eyes and is paid to identify and act on problems like this. It’s not your call.

Maybe she doesn’t. Does she have some kind of obligation to?

Are you her supervisor? If so, sit her down and explain to her what the dress code of the office is, and how her current way of dress is affecting business.

If not, then avert your eyes when her butt is in your face. If her supervisor hasn’t said anything, and it is indeed that noticeable, then obviously management doesn’t have an issue with it. And if she’s already aware that her butt hangs out and hasn’t rectified it, she obviously doesn’t care about her co-worker’s sensitivities. Why waste your breath on something you can’t change? That is, unless, you’ll derive some pleasure from voicing your indignation.

Or in a similar vein, steal from here.

Yeah, I’m confused. 5 inches is like the entire butt. Do we call the hyperbole police?

Do we work for the same company? I have a co-worker with a similar problem, the only saving grace is that she is now pregnant and will soon have to change to maternity pants. The elastic on those suckers go damn near to the boob.

“Just say no to crack!”