How does one dress at a "Cirque de Soleil" performance?

Yeah, you heard me. That’s what I’m asking.


Where? Vegas is going to be a little different than LA, for example. But casual dressy should be fine. No flip-flops, no shorts. Wear a pair of khakis and a buttoned shirt and you’re good.

Day-glo 3-tone neon leotard, ostrich feather sticking out of your pants, Mardi Gras mask, at least one glove shaped like an animal hoof, floppy shoes with little flashlights attached to the tip, and a top hat with a goldfish-sequin design emblazoned on it.

And, be sure to carry a briefcase filled with flower petals and clove cigarettes.

Well, sure…if you want to be dressy!

Haven’t been a a long time, but the last show I saw in DC if you sat in the first few rows there was a chance you’d get wet. Or otherwise messed with.

You mean like this?

I went to Zumanity in Vegas and I- along with the vast majority of the younger audience- was wearing dark blue, pressed jeans. With that I wore a black and white striped halter top and heels. Most of the guys (again, a younger audience) were either in nice jeans and polos and dress shoes or they had a similar outfit with khakis.

The only people really “dressed up” were those over about 40 and they were vastly out numbered in the audience.

So, seems to me, just about anything flies- whatever you’re comfortable with, really.

(At the same time, Zumanity is a little less. … artsy than most Cirque de Soleil shoes, so take what I said with a grain of salt).

I saw them in one of their giant tents in Baltimore twice, and in Vegas (Ka) once. It’s not a dressy affair.

Are you saying the people they mess with in the front rows are all in on it? It didn’t seem like it, but then that’s how they’d want it to look, wouldn’t it?

Just like everyone said, it depends on which one you are going to. We went to the one at Disney World and you could wear anything - but snappy casual is best, I feel.

If you’ve ever been to Vegas then you know that the answer to what you should wear is: anything at all.

For that matter, if you’re anywhere else in America, the answer today is always: anything at all.

Considering what I see people wear to funerals, I can’t imagine any show having any standards at all! :o

I’m going to see Love in September. I’m wearing shorts, sandals, and a polo shirt. It’s Vegas, baby!

Just be aware that rows 1-15 and 18-31 may get wet.

Saw Ka in Vegas in January. Never gave the dress thing a second thought. Casual, but from there it depends on how much you care about what people you’ll never see again think about your taste. Me and GF care enough that we were semi-nice casual (for me, clean Hawaiian shirt, clean full length jeans, nothing provocative) but otherwise, no hu-hu. It’s a dark, large auditorium. Great show.

The before-show schtick about no cameras, no smoking, was obviously (after the fact) done with a set up. I can’t imagine that they’d cast just any member of the audience into hell. No other real audience participation.

Zumanity, huh? We’re intrigued, but not (I suspect) enough to actually go.

I’ve seen a number of the shows. Never got wet, but then I wonder in what shows that occurs besides O, in Vegas.

Casual chic is what most people wore, sort of what people described in the thread. It is true that in the US, things may be different.

I definitely would not dress up, no matter where I saw it.

BTW, which show are you seeing, Frylock?

Depends on the show. Like the guy in Dralion; that one was clearly staged.

However, I sat in the front row for Zumanity, and MAN did we get messed with. First was a fellow taking pictures and such. He stopped right by me and my wife, had her stand up, and had me take a picture of the two of them together. Then, when I handed him the picture, he dropped it, and when my wife bent over to pick it up, he posed like he was, erm, slipping it to her, and I took another picture. That was a keeper.

Right after that, a man and woman went around sort of warming up the crowd with all manner of lewd banter and acts. They stopped right in front of us for what must’ve been five solid minutes, spotlight on us and all, and really put us through the ringer. Fortunately, I have a high threshold for embarrassment, so I rolled with it. Even when they pulled out the sex toys.

Yes, I publicly engaged in a dildo fight with another man. In my defense, he was askin’ for it. And I swear to you, there was no pre-arranging or preparation, I was just a dude in the crowd. One who, I think, was more willing to go along with their shtick than they expected.

For what it’s worth, I was wearing a button-up short-sleeve shirt and blue jeans.

I saw “O” in Vegas, sat next to the Clintons. They were pretty formal. Me? Jeans, white Polo shirt and boots. It worked out…


And by the way, I myself would show up in jeans and a t-shirt without even asking, but I ask because my wife can be paranoid about this kind of thing.


The um… you mean… Bill and Hilary? Or some other Clintons? Or what?


Well, tell her that if she overdresses, people will think she’s part of the older crowd. :wink: