How does one pronounce the term 'mestizaje'?

I’m saying ‘mess-tiz-ahay’ but wondering whether that’s correct.

What language is it in?

Whatever it is, I can’t find it in either of the dictionaries I have handy.

It’s Spanish of South American origin but is used in academic English.

It’s in my dictionary, meaning either “crossbreeding” or “people of mixed race”.

Pronounced “mess- ti- SAAH- he”, where “ti” is like a shorter form of “tea” and “he” is like “hey” only not diphthongised (Spanish vowels are kind of hard to approximate in English).


mess-tee-SAH-heh is how I would type it, but I don’t follow the rules.

Spanish: Mess-tee-ZA-heh.

Please do not end in -ay. It sounds terrible, it sounds like not even trying to pronounce it in Spanish. It is easy to do correctly.

It’s pronounced “throatwa–”

Oh, skip it.