How dumb can the Gay Guy be?

Pretty frickin’ dumb, it seems.

So I’ve been working at this temp assignment for 5 weeks, and today was my last day. I’ve been working for C, a female sales manager, and M, the male Director of Sales. C is great - very bubbly, friendly, went out of her way for me. M is a good boss, but very busy - runs around a lot, doesn’t always follow through, but this have been particularly hectic the past few weeks. So for my last day, C takes me out to lunch. While chatting about moving to San Diego (and not exactly being in the closet) I mentioned my housemates, a male couple that’s been together for 8 years now, and she easily fell into regarding them as “partners.”

Then, out of the blue, she says, “Yeah, M and his partner still live in seperate houses…” and continues on with the conversation.

M? Partner?

{Mental image of Esprix smacking his forehead}


That would explain S, the guy that kept calling all the time, who, for whatever twisted little mental reasoning my brain sometimes does when I’m not looking, I assumed was his brother. And then, of course, watching him for the remainder of the day, I picked up on a dozen little things that should have given him away from day one.

I am sooooooooo dense sometimes. That, and my gaydar sucks. :frowning:


Wow. Whoda thunk it?

Maybe your gaydar was down for repairs?

Isn’t that mentioned in the handbook about maintenance windows?

Well it’s obvious to me that you just don’t expect gay men to be in positions of power, you bigot! :wink:

It’s time to go to the Pit and be confused and reprimanded by Hasteur.

It’s the change in climate, Esprix. Just give your gaydar a little time to recalibrate itself.

Yeah, but is he good looking? Not that I care, but it does seem to be an essential detail in these types of stories.

Well don’t feel so bad… people usually have to tell me that they are gay at least twice before I figure it out on my own.

<taps dewt on the shoulder>

Say, dewt, made the connection with me yet? :wink:

If you ever find yourself with the fine Mr. Doobieous, he should be able to tinker with your interworkings ;).
He can fix your Gaydar too. :smiley:
Don’t feel bad Prixy, I once tried to get a girl for 2 weeks before realizing she was lesbian. :frowning: Not a happy time, but enough about me…
Use the force, you shall be able to spot a gay man a while away if your harness your power.

It could have been worse… He could have been trying to hit on you and you hadn’t noticed.

At work right now, there’s a gay guy that most people don’t know is gay. Because he and I spend a lot of time together, everyone else is assuming that we are sleeping together. Go figure.

I’m sorry Esprix, but I just get this image of your head opened up like Yul Brenners in Westworld, as some very flamboyant scientists (in pink and lavender labcoats, no less) work on your gaydar systems.

Now, I just need to consider the dialog…

I have to agree with phouka – it must be the climate. I originally was thinking maybe jet lag, but that should have sorted itself out by now.

Reading this, my mind inserted Boob in place of Doob and I found my self wondering “how dumb can a Straight Guy be?”…

…then I caught my mistake and answered my question all in one shot.
[sub]Hey! Waddaya want? This is MPSIMS, afterall![/sub]

Try the following:

Got to Start, then Programs, then Gaydar.

Within the Gaydar menu, click Settings. The Settings window should open up. Click the Properties Tab.

On the Properties Tab, make sure the “Recognition Filter” is set to “Noticable Behavior” (from the drop down box). Also make sure the “Gender Identity” box is checked.

Click Apply, then click OK.

Restart the program and you should be all set.

I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with your gaydar mechanisms. The problem would appear to be that the San Diego gaydar operates at a slightly different frequency.

Are you mistakenly identifying slightly camp heteros as gay?
If you are this is proof positive that you need to change the frequency of your gaydar receiver. It’s a simple operation — you just need your knob twiddling and…


What have I said?

Don’t feel bad, Esprix. I personally attribute it to the smoggy air. That would explain why I have absolutely no sense of gaydar either. A guy usually has to start hitting on me before I start making the connection. And sometimes–even flirting doesn’t do it. (I’m not making that up.) :slight_smile:


Hey, I thought 'Sprix was a top.

Or maybe he and his gaydar have something a bit kinky going here? :wink:

Ashley, if he’s in bed with you and/or begins playing with your naughty bits, it’s probably reasonable to conclude he’s gay. :slight_smile:

Sue… feel free to start a Pit thread. Your remark was inappropriate and I’m getting sick of you maligning me.

Hastur, I hope you were joking. If not, lighten up.

And Esprix? I think Swiddles stole your gaydar. (Wasn’t it Swiddles that once said she had perfect gaydar, or am I crazy??) :slight_smile:

C’mon, Esprix, don’t tell you us threw away the special adaptor for Gaydar when you’re in California?

Aw, you did!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon, Esprix, don’t tell us you threw away the special adaptor for Gaydar for use when you’re in California?

Aw, you did!?!? :stuck_out_tongue: