How early should someone lose their virginity?

I’m curious as to what people think is the youngest age one should lose their virginity at, with no accounting for age of consent. Assume that the age of consent is whatever age you think is young enough to lose your virginity, I suppose.


No way can I say there’s a number that’s right for everybody. I think 14 is pushing it, but some people do it and are fine. What do I know about other people’s sex lives?

I think it is when you feel you are ready. Some lose it consentually as early as 13 or 14… some wait until their late 30s and some into their 40s(I have seen cases of virgins in this range).

I feel sorry for those virgins who held on to it and didn’t remove the wrapping for so long, but to each their own.

“Childern, there’s a time and a place for everything and it’s called College”-Chef, South Park

Jerald:“If you’re in love, right?”
Chef:“No, 17”.

He’s contridicting himself a little, but oh well.

Personally, I’d say when you feel ready, which includes being with a person you feel comfortable losing it to(as opposed to doing it just so you can shed the “virgin” label).

But Virgin gave us Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, and so many other fine artists!


I lost mine at 15…the girls I’ve been with lost it at 14, 17 and 14.

The right time to lose it is when you’re losing it because it feels right…the attitude of ‘shedding the virgin label’ is so incredibly wrong…sex is about sharing something with someone you at least care about, and if it feels right, do it…if not, then don’t. I do think that anything below 14 is too young though.

When one is ready. When one understands pregnancy and STD risks and how to best defend against them. When one’s partner is ready. When one and his* partner are in a deep commited relationship and wish to express it physically. That’s my humble opinion. Not that I’m sticking my nose up in the air at the people who lose it during a fling. As long as they use protection, whatever, but that’s not me.

I lost mine at 18 and was not ready at all. Wish I had waited a little longer. My whole experience gave me a very negative attitude about sex that lasted for about 5 years afterwards.

My $0.02, wait until it is with someone you actually love and have feelings for and not just to “get it over with…”

I think it’s best to wait a signifigant period of time (say, a year) after you start to really want to. It takes at least this long to get to the point where you are really confident that you can live without sex if you don’t like any of the options that are avalible. People that know this are at a serious advantange in life over people who don’t.

I think it’s best to wait until possible pregnancy goes from “oh shit this is the end of the world I want to kill myself what am I going to tell my mom?” to “Oh lordy, oh lordy, oh lordy. This is bad timing. What am I going to do?”

And I, myself, would never feel sorry for someone else because freely made choices that happened to be differnet from mine.

A year? A YEAR??? :eek:

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The right age for one to lose their virginity is when they realize that losing their virginity is not important.

The night of your wedding.

Once again, Manda JO delivers an excellent opinion.

Not before they get married.

definitely by 10:00 pm, that way you can go back to the party and brag.

definitely by 10:00 pm, that way you can go back to the party and brag.

but seriously, I think it’s more of a maturity thing. People should lose their virginity when they’re mature enough to accept the intensity inherent to a carnal relationship lasting 2 pumps.

When you personally are able to emotionally and financially handle the responsibilities and problems that come along with engaging in sex, such as using effective birth control, getting regular sexual health care, and even coping with STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

To my mind, that means that you should not be having sex until you can afford to pay for the cost of any abortions/pregnancies/raising of children that might result.

You make them sound like specimens with a rare and curious illness.