How, exactly, does one "Mess with Texas"?

Ok, so Texans have this slogan: “Don’t Mess with Texas”. Just wondering, how would one go about doing that, exactly? Can anyone give an example of an individual “messing” with the State, and what exactly the consequences were?


It’s an anti-littering slogan.

Don’t Mess with Texas, or else.

Peeing on the Alamo. Ozzy. One night in jail.

As others have noted, “Don’t Mess With Texas” isn’t any kind of macho posturing. It was part of a 1980s anti-littering campaign, and it involved a lot of TV commercials featuring well known Texas rock musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

I think it’s more precise to say the slogan *originated *with the Texas gov’t anti-littering campaign. 30-plus years ago.

But it has long since caught the Texan public’s imagination as a slogan about Texas exceptionalism and even more, Texan posturing amounting to something between “Don’t you outsiders interfere with us doing things our unique way” and “Do it our way … or else.”

All those bumper stickers, truck nuts, T-shirts, etc., are not put out by the anti-littering agency. Nor are they worn by folks (and trucks) to convey an anti-littering message.

You can call it “North Mexico.” Or send all your rain runoff there at the same time–they really hate that.

Tell them that it’s legal to not be a Christian.

Back in school I seem to recall some clay tablets that had pictures of old Texas flags.

ISTR one that a rattlesnake and a slogan of “don’t tread on me” or some such.

So, it would seem if that is true the “don’t mess with Texas” attitude predates the failed anti littering slogan.

An as an aside, people like to make fun of the “don’t mess with us” attitude Texas has and the southerners hate for “damn yankees” (which generally corelates with yankees telling southerners how they are all fucked up and how back where they came from things were done better (which begs the question of WTF did you move down here then)).

Most local cultures don’t like being fucked with. IMO its just that Texas and South are a bit more honest as to how it will be recieved.

Open a bookstore.

The rattlesnake Gasden Flag is an old (and unofficial) US flag, not Texan. It was out of general use long before northern Mexico was settled by English-speakers.

$500 fine.

My wife’s grandparents drove down from Wisconsin back when the campaign started. They crossed in to Texas, say the sign, and thought it meant “Don’t make Texans angry because they all carry guns and will shoot you.”

Since the factual aspects of this have largely been addressed, let’s move this to IMHO.

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Repeatedly poke it on Facebook.

Ask them to participate in Hurricane Sandy relief and listen to them wail about it not being the federal government’s job. Then point out to them that they’re hypocrites for begging for flood relief in 2015.

Yeah, that’ll learn 'em!!

Talk about their Mommas!

You could insult their drainage design. I’ve been doing so since I moved here from Louisiana [mumble] years ago. Floods suck pretty much everywhere, but inadequate infrastructure doesn’t help.