How far do i have to drive to get two speeding tickets?

Say i am speeding and a cop gets behind me to pull me over…I dont stop, and i run two red lights. Now obliviously when i finnaly pull over i will go to jail and get fines for the two red light violations as well as speeding but my question is how far would i drive before i could get fined for speeding twice? Would it be everytime i past a speed sign? I live in CA BTW

It would end up being classified as a “lesser but included offense”. Your main offense being felony evasion of a peace officer (CVC 2800), which would have been bumped up to a felony from a misdemeanor since you ran two red lights and were driving recklessly.

And the grammar police cite you for language abuse :wink:

Yes, and if you ran two red lights you were being oblivious to even a casual observer.

How far would you drive before you get fined for speeding twice?

Not too far, I hope.

You need to get your license yanked and a good financial ass-kicking.

You come across as an immature, piss-poor driver.

Grow up and try again.

In my experience (former prosecutor, now a muni court magistrate) you’d get the two stop-sign citations but just a single speeding citation. I suppose if you slowed down, obeyed the speed limit for some discernible period, and then sped up and broke the speed limit again while still being observed by the officer, you might get two speeding tickets, but I’ve never seen that happen.

And in Ohio, you couldn’t go to jail in any event. Points against your license and fines, but those are not imprisonable offenses.

I have seen people charged with speeding more than one time in the same chase if they went through more than one speed zone. For example, they were doing 60 in a 45 zone, and were still doing 60 when the zone changed to 30 MPH, they might be charged with speeding twice. This is in Tennessee. I emphasize “might” because it is up to the officer’s discretion usually. Some will write you for everything they can think of and some won’t.

Whoa there, at which point was it mentioned that this was a real-life occurrence? Sounds like someones getting all uptight over a hypothetical… Go take a few deep breaths and come on back. :rolleyes:


Hypothetical? Yeah, whatever.

Your 16 year old son just painted the same scenario for you. Wouldn’t you be a little suspicious?

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In a similar vein, what about parking violations? When I was in college, my dorm parking was on a public street. I parked facing traffic late at night and went to bed. In the morning there were three citations for parking against traffic, at $15 a pop ($45 was a fortune to me then) One citation was issued at 12:22am, the next at 3:14am, and the next at 6:58am.

I argued that I had only committed one violation, but was turned down.

On one hand, I did only commit one violation, but what if I stayed parked that way for 75 years (to be extreme). Couldn’t I make the same argument?

But if you are going to allow multiple citations for the same offense, the an officer could write me at 12:22am, look at his watch, and say “He’s still parked here” and write a $15 citation every minute until I show up and tell me that I now owe $8,600 by the next morning!

I’ve wondered this for years, but there is no answer in the code…

Well, I know that the metered parking at my school allows the campus cops to ticket you every 30 minutes, and I assume, though I can’t find it with a cursory skim through the rules, that the rules are similar on my campus for other violations.

Your school may be different.

You could be almost to a county line and speeding while crossing. The cops from each county may give you a ticket.

Yeah, you’re right. It was stupid of me to fly off the handle like that and I apologize to ChrisBooth12, BrandonR and the board in general.

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I agree with you, but I don’t think the Ohio Revised Code or our city’s codified ordinances specify. Anyway, the officer doesn’t have the last word. If you want to contest it, go to court and make your pitch to the judge or magistrate. Or did you do that and were “turned down”? In my court, I would treat all-night parking on the street as a single offense and find you not guilty of the other two. Getting cited three times like that strikes me as piling on, esp. since, in my experience, all-night on-street parkers are often people who forgot they left their cars there and only remembered when they woke the next morning.

Thank you very much. The apology is noted.

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I had a similar incident with parking in Boston. I was cited at around 11:30p.m. and again at 3:00 a.m. I didn’t bring it to court, but I did write a letter asking about it. They said they were from separate officers, and on different days. Makes sense to me.