How far do you live from where you were born?

I’m thinking as-the-crow-flies distance…but feel free to spin the answer as your situation/sense of humor requires.

From my house to where the hospital used to be (it’s been converted to luxury condos) is 8.9 miles

Over 7,000 miles.

And I am nowhere remotely close to the record-holder, as I recall.

Roughly 565 miles.

About 1200 miles.

Maybe 3 miles. A couple years ago it would have been about a mile.

I’m currently sitting at work, less than a mile from the hospital where I was born.

~150 miles

2,874.67 miles, give or take a smidge. Thanks, Mapquest! :slight_smile:

2551 miles as the crow flies, according to

304 miles.

About 25 miles.

As the crow flies, 2515 miles due west, plus 67 years and a very circuitous route in reality.

3920 miles…

I’m currently at 130 miles.

About 35 miles, on the streets and roads. Now, a crow would circle around for 15 minutes, yelling at his buddies to see if they wanna go along. Then along the way, he’d stop to graze in a McDonald’s lot, and he’d snack on a dead squirrel in the street, and have to fly away every time a car drove by. By the time he finally got to Methodist Hospital, where I was born, he probably would have flown 40 miles or more. It’s hard work, being a crow. No wonder they hang out in the crowbar after work.

From here to the hospital where I was born is about a ten-minute bike ride. To where we were living at the time - about fifteen minutes.

Do I win?

1217.58 miles as the crow drives, according to Mapquest.

About 5 miles to where the hospital used to be. It’s now back to being a park. I’m still on the same property where I was brought home from there, though.

Eating Dove Bars?

I live about 1-1/4 miles from the hospital where I was born. I work right across the street from said hospital.

Nope, cuz I’m about the same. But I’ll share with you. What do we win?!? :smiley: