How far do you live from your birthplace?(poll)

I don’t mean do you still live in the same house, or the same town. I mean the distance in miles from your current residence to the location (hospital, etc.) where you first emerged from your mother’s womb.

I just figured out today, using Mapquest, that I currently live about 5.64 miles from the hospital where I was born. My WAG is that this is closer than most people. Please share. Thank you.

Driving distance according to Mapquest:

2893.00 miles

At least now I can tell my mom that it isn’t really 3000 miles like she always says…

I was born in Dumas, Texas and I now live in Scranton, Iowa. The distance according to mapquest is 783.83 miles or a almost 15 hour drive.

Dearborn, Michigan --> Philadelphia, PA: 599.1 miles

I’m okay with calling it 600.

Driving distance from birth hospital to current address, according to Mapquest: 5.31 miles. As the crow flies: 3.9 miles.

What can I say? I’ve seen most of the country, but I like my hometown, thanks. :slight_smile:

1792.57 miles from the hospital where I was born to my house, according to Mapquest.

Slightly over 72 miles.

I was born in the village of Webster, Burnett Country, WI. distance about 2000 mi. from the California desert.

I grew up in Cherokee, IA, about 1750 miles.

Lone Star (Morris County) Texas to my residence: 168.01 miles. So despite my varied wanderings, I’m not too far from where I was born.

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and currently live in Austin, TX. So I live a really far way away from where I fell out of my mom’s crotch.

According to, I’m 4,867 miles from where I was born.

Per Mapquest, 9.89 miles.
However, the hospital I was hatched in is no longer there. I am not sure the newer hospital is on the same site, or what.

1980.45 miles or 29 hours in the car.

The hospital where I was born no longer exists. Something about “angry mob…flaming torches…pitchforks…”. I never got the whole story. But from where I live now to that hallowed site is **15.6 ** miles.

Otherwise, what Hal Briston said.

Right now I live over 1500 miles from the hospital in Glendale, California, where I was born. But for most of my life I’ll estimate that I lived about 20 miles away or less.

24 miles, give or take. Mapquest says that takes 37 minutes. Yeah, like I might encounter some traffic on the way there … more like I might meet a car or two.

393 miles.

Still in sunny California.

3828 miles.

Distance from the hospital I was born at in Las Vegas, Nevada to my current house in Kansas City, Missouri:

1357.07 miles

Heh…just the opposite here. Mapquest says that 5.31 miles should take 11 minutes. Yeah, right. Maybe at 4 am on a Sunday. Otherwise, try doubling it. Ah well…the price you pay for living “down the shore”.