How FOX sucks

The Tick!
I love this show, it’s original and daring. Patrick Warbuton is perfect for the role, as are all the other characters… But this show is up against CBS’s and NBC’s Thursday lineup… FOX is HORRID at scheduling their shows. This is a new show that people may not watch at first, and they put it up against the second half of “Survivor”. FOX pissess me off so much, their advertising SUCKS, most of their shows are GARBAGE, and they treat the GOOD ONES like donkey turds. They put new shows in Friday’s slot before anyone gets a chance to know if it’s worth staying home on a Friday to watch. “Pasadena” for example… it’s NOT a bad show! Why not put “Temptation Island” on Fridays so no one will be there to see they aren’t a real friggin network. I do think they handled “24” well, playing each episode over… to get into a show like that you need to be exposed in the beginning. They don’t/ haven’t advertised “The X-Files” properly, yet they FORCE Chris Carter and the show back each year by saying they will produce the show with or without him… how can he hand over his baby to other people? He had no choice. If FOX were an ant… I would STEP ON IT. THEY SUCK!

Anyone know how The Tick is doing?

I touched on this some time back. They put shows lick The Tick & Family Guy up against powerhouse shows because SOMEBODY at the network doesn’t like these particular shows, but can’t cancel them outright so they put ithem in a slot knowing the ratings will suck.

Bad ratings = no money.
No money = cancelled show.
Cancelled show = happy jerk-off executive.

Ahh… sorry… I thought this was an animal porn thread.

My mistake. Please carry on.

Yes, I’m enjoying the hell out of the Tick, but every time I see this, it’s with the bittersweet realization that it’s sooo not getting renewed at the end of the season…

AND they showed a new episode of the Tick last night (Wednesday!!) in a different time slot (9:30!!!) with absolutely no forwarning that I am aware of. If I hadn’t happened to switch to the crawler at 9 to see the line-up, I would have had NO idea that it was on, and missed a great episode. Another new episode is scheduled to air at 8 tonight.

Oh yes. Yes, it is indeed a bad show. And I’m usually a total sucker for Aaron Spelling nighttime “dramas.” Watched the first three eps of “Pasadena” and just could not stand it.

8:30 EST.

After The “Quest for the Ring” special last Thursday, (I image there is some Tick/LOTR fan crossover) they mentioned that the Tick would return Wednesday and Thursday. This notice was given right before the “normal” time the Tick is on. You must have missed it.

And I saw at least 2 other mentions of the wed show.

Since I dont like Survivor, 7:30 central Thurs is dandy time for me.

Not only that, but they put it up against “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” That makes two of the only three shows I watch being broadcast at the same time.

Yes and YES! This drives me batty! They do the same thing with Malcolm in the Middle! And because I’m in Chicago, during football season I never get to see Futurama! This sucks!

Why do they tease me with shows I love and then snatch them away? Why?!

That’s a lot of exclamation points!

You’re right, of course, Otto, it’s on at 8:30 Eastern.

I guess I must have just missed the warnings, then. I don’t watch much TV. Most of what I do watch is all pushed together on Thursdays. I tape Family Guy and the Tick while I watch Survivor and CSI. There’s actually another show in the 8-9 timeslot that I’d watch if I could.
When did Thursdays become a ‘hot night’ for TV? I thought that Fridays and Saturdays are the traditional super-good nights. I haven’t watched Friday or Saturday TV for years.

You folks forgot to mention FOX’s penchant for pulling the old bait-and-switch routine: they will promote an upcoming episode of a show as a new episode, then when you tune in to watch it it’s just another rerun. They did this recently with a “King of the Hill” episode; I’ve noticed it has happened several times with the Sunday night shows. They just want to sucker you into tuning in so they can get eyeballs on the advertising, regardless of how pissed off you get that they didn’t give you a new episode. What really makes this shit annoying is that, notwithstanding their reputation and some of the hideous garbage they air, FOX probably has more good shows on the air than any other network. They don’t need to play these bullshit games with their viewers. It’s a sad commentary on the way the entertainment industry treats the audience these days.

And yes, I really dig “The Tick” too.

two words…Apollo hoax

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