How gay is Superman?

This seems to be a pop-culture meme at the moment for some reason.

“Gay” has managed to become simultaneously cool and loathed, depending on what part of society you ask. Any iconic, fictional hero you make a movie about now is going to get the whole “He’s gay!” treatment. If they make that new Indiana Jones movie people will be saying Indy is gay.

Somewhere between Rock Hudson gay and Liberace gay.

Why, Super gay, of course.

A salient quote from the linked article:

So, in a way, anyone that has an invasively secret life is gay. 'Kinda, sorta Gay. That is, if you’re gay and still closted.

If anything, the only “gayness” in Superman is that he is, like Batman, or John Wayne, an example of idealised masculinity.

Then again, Batman does have his younger, “male ward.”

As for the slash references, there are slash references for pretty much everybody. There’s likely a Captain Kangaroo/Mister Greenjeans slash somewhere.

Name any apparently-straight character in pop culture and you can find someone speculating he’s gay.

They’re only saying Superman is gay because of that unfortunate incident with Wonder Woman and the Invisible Man.


A good looking beefy guy wearing tights and has a secret identity is gay.

Everybody likes Superman. Everyone who likes Superman is probably gay.

If you’re reading this, ask yourself, “just how gay am I?”


Like Clay Aiken.

Superheroes having a secret identity have long been used as a metaphore for keeping in the closet about various hot-buttons, not just sexuality. Still, I think (even setting Robin aside!) Batman is a much better “gay” superhero, in that he goes from uber-successful heart-throb millionaire to a vigilante many in Gotham view as weird, frightening or even dangerous, yet who is still acknowledged by others as doing good and being just as much a hero as the other super-heroes in that universe.

Superman on the other hand goes from reasonably happy every-man to the most powerful and inarguably good guy on the planet, so he works much better as a symbol of the common man feeling like he really could (or dearly wishing that he could) change the world for the better if only given chance and means.

He said apparently gay - I think that disqualifies Clay :smiley: :eek:

Um so let’s try that again…apparently straight.

I’ll slink back into my dark corner now…

And then there’s the snopes urban legend of “The Buggering Batman” which has this comment:

Well, Superman wears a skin tight bodysuit with his underwear on the outside and a cape. What are we supposed to think?

He’s an Elvis impersonator?

I don’t get the obsession with people to have superheores declared gayor whatever.

I mean Superman was originally a strong man in tights and a cape written for kids. Why is all the subtext added? Why is everyone so obsessed with the sexuality of comic book characters?

It’s like there is a world of Brodys out there obsessing whether the Thing’s wang is made of rock or if Batman has sex with Robin. Cripes. Why do people have to take harmless kid ichons and turn them into something else?

Sheesh. I think it says more about the speculator than the hero in question.

Come on, he’s a bumbling dolt who doesn’t know how to dress himself, he isn’t at all gay :wink:

Brokeback Fortress of Solitude?

Believe it or not, it goes back a long way.