How Geeky Are You

What is the geekiest thing you do or have done ??


Um… the geekiest thing I do… leave the caps-lock on? :wink:

Trust me WT, I am the epitome of geek… I even have the smell. There’s no “one” thing I do.

roarrrrrrrrrrrr lol :slight_smile:

I’m currently in the middle of the geekiest thing I’ve ever done, Modding my PC! I’ve decided to have louvers punched into the top and a large window in the side, they back-ordered my motherboard so the project is currently on hold. But you have to admit that a purple and red computer with louvers and a lighted interior is pretty geeky, maybe even geekier than Simetra. :slight_smile: I won’t even go into the hardware details, thats been covered here.

Well, I remember learning the definition of a geek.

Here, you try it: without looking it up, recite pi to as many decimal places as you can. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Done? Good, look it up and see how close you came. You’re a geek if you get it correctly to 7 decimal places or more.

Non, c’est impossible!

I’ve gone beyond case modding… which was fun at first… to actual board modding. That plexiglass window with the .15 fan in the side of your case looks cool, but all I’m looking at inside is a bunch of wires, resistors, capacitors, etc…

Now, when your Motherboard is 6 different colors…

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to do this lately… and my miniature paint set has been stolen by a friend to repaint his new WarHammer figures.

G-d… I’m such a geek.

Oh, and I know it to 9 places Cloth.

Someone put me out of my misery.


There are various sub-categories of geekiness. I belong to the one that overlaps my professional life.

I am a font geek.

I’ll see print or television advertisements and name the fonts used.

“Bank Gothic”



This impresses absolutely no-one.

-Tygr, “My, what a long descender.”

Yep, 9 places. I’m a bit disappointed in myself I used to remember more than 13, but that was when I was a geeky kid, some 25+ years ago :eek:
Hey Simetra, does sending the cpu heatsink out to be anodized to match the cool red cables count? Did I tell ya about the 9 cooling fans and the LCD temperature monitor/fan controller? or the mirror in the bottom of the case?
Oh, I also fly rockets.

Forget [sym]p[/sym], you’re a real geek if you know more than 7 digits of Euler’s constant.

Hello… my name is KimKatt, and I am a computer geek.

I have a computer network in my living room… with a 10/100 switch, two servers with hot-swappable drives running WIN2K and NetWare 5.1, and a Checkpoint firewall. I do not host a web page, that is all for our personal use.

Between the 5 computers, we have over 80 GB of hard drive space… and last night, my husband said, “Honey, I need a new hard drive, mine is almost full.” My reply? “We should look into an optical storage system.” And I was only half kidding.

Does that count?

The one saving grace is that being a computer geek is actually kind of cool… right? Isn’t it?

It is, isn’t it?

I’m geek enough to try and sell T-shirts for my fellow geeks. :slight_smile:

Feh. I have in my bedroom two PC’s (Win98, Redhat), a sparc 2 (solaris 2.6), and a DEC alpha (WinNT, but I’m thinking about putting redhat on it). I have almost all of the parts for a 6-CPU Pentium PRO-based server (some division of gateway, as I recall) that I haven’t put together for lack of a case.

And (and this is the part which I think puts me over the top): NONE OF IT CURRENTLY WORKS!

I think that also classifies you as a collector, my friend :slight_smile:


You guys should just pack up and go home, 'cause I got ally’all asses beat.

Three words – MAGIC : THE GATHERING.

Awwwwwwwww yeah!

Dude! I have almost a complete set of alphas, betas and 3rd edition and a couple boxes of unopened decks and boosters. and get this, Christopher Rush is a friend of mine. wait it gets better I have 2 pieces of his Original MTG art :stuck_out_tongue:

geek of all trades, thats me

Too cool.

FYI, I just sent you money.


At least ten of those are correct. I haven’t bothered in a while to memorize more of pi than is necessary for a cool party trick.

Beside which, there are far more impressive party tricks.

(hijacking this entirely into a magic: the gathering pissing contest)

Feh. You are not the geekiest Magic player on the SDMB until you defeat me… I have:
-assembled a collection of one of every card (two of each common) from Ice Age through Apocalypse, specially sorted and sleeved, simply for the purposes of pulling random collections out and drafting with them.
-Invented your own entire set of magic cards
-Played in the pro tour
-Travelled at least half way across the country to attempt to qualify for the pro tour
-Played group games, attack left cutthroat games, emperor games, minimaster tournaments, and grandmaster tournaments
-Become a certified judge
-Played in every prerelease since Mirage, and judged at the Alliances prerelease
-Played the old Microprose PC Magic game (and beat it), NetDraft, Apprentice, and the new Magic Online
-Played quiz games with magic playing friends on long car rides in which you tell them the first letter of the name of a magic card and they try to guess it (Botticelli)
-Had dreams about Magic, many of which involve real life situations being somehow intertwined with games of magic
-own 6 or 7 binder pages full of some hard-to-get rare (in my case, Jester’s Cap)
-and on and on
by the way, when you say you have “a couple boxes of unopened decks and boosters”, do you mean alphas/betas? if so, can I buy some of them?

I’m 33 and I play D&D. 'nuff said.

How about the ongoing event of being here…