How good of an eye for colour do you have?

Me? I scored a 7 – which I thought was probably pretty bad, but apparently, 0 is perfect and the highest anyone in my demographic (female, aged 30-39) scored was like 1406? Guess this explains why other people give me that funny look around here when I comment that two shades of green are “completely off” and why they all message me to ask what tissue to recommend with certain things. Heh.

I also got a 7. Also female, age 37. I’m not surprised that I did pretty well. I have a good eye for color, and have had a lot of practice at it, which helps. But I’m not like a color savant or anything.

I wish they told us what the average score was. The worst score could have been someone just messing with the tests. Perhaps someone in another category will let us know what the worst score for their group is.

I scored a 36, which is somewhat above average for my age group. The highest for my age group was 1409, but I think that’s probably just someone not really taking the test and submitting the score anyway.

I’m 47 and female, by the way.

My score was pretty similar to yours (8). I did spend some time and thought on it though.

That was kind of fun, and I’m an 8. But I wish they would have pointed out where the mistakes were.

I got a 3. I thought I might be pretty good from judging hues of fabric for quilting, but some of those looked exactly the same to me.

Looks like I’m way below average, compared to this crowd.

Female, 26 years old, scored 27 which is apparently not bad. Highest score for my age group is also 1409, but I would be very interested in seeing the entire scoring curve.

huh… I got a 4, also not a huge surprise. It does explain why my husband sometimes complains that ‘those aren’t real colors’ when I try to explain how I’m seeing things:D

34, female, btw

Your score: 4
Gender: Female
Age range: 50-59
Best score for your gender and age range: 0
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1409

Your score: 0
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-39
Best score for your gender and age range: 0
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1464

All those years of studying art history have finally paid off!


I got an 11. I really wish they’d tell you what you missed!

Age 28, female.

I got a 3. (44 female)

Female, 27. I got a 20, which was a bit better than I expected.

That was really neat! I scored a 4 (female, 20-29 demo). I had a really hard time with the green-blues. I wonder what the most common problem color areas are?

  • Your score: 8
    • Gender: Male
    • Age range: 40-49
    • Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    • Highest score for your gender and age range: 1409

I’m surprised really, since colour isn’t something I pay much attention to. Or should I say, colour isn’t something to which I pay much attention. :wink:

(And Litoris, why are you spelling colour with a “U?” Preparing to be an honorary Canadian or something?)

That was fun. I got a 4. Of course, I would have thought it was less fun if I had gotten a 99 or something like that. I am suspecting that the very high scores reported on the comparison page are people who moved two blocks, and then got annoyed and ended the game.

Way to go, Götterfunken! I got a 7. I’d better have scored well - I’m a graphic designer! Also, I’m 26 and female.