How has Former President Trump pissed you off today?

Especially if you have cheated, so you believe the only way someone else could have won is by cheating more.

:: head explodes ::

I think I have yet to hear of a fraudulent vote being cast for Biden, but…

Then you should watch Fox more often; you’ll hear all about fraudulent votes being cast for Biden. You won’t hear any evidence, but you’ll hear a lot about someone who knows a guy who heard that a woman saw something suspicious. There’s a kind of six degrees of separation thing going on between Fox and the truth.

Any vote not for Trump was fraudulent . . . by definition.

Northern_Piper reminded me that this thread will be shut down when it hits 10,000 posts, which should be pretty soon, so I’ve started a new thread here: How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Hmm. That suggests that close to five hundred posts were by people I have on “ignore.”

I believe the board software will automatically start a new thread.

Obviously fraudulent posts. The evidence (which I won’t show you) is overwhelming.

I demand an audit! And people to watch the audit! And people to watch the watchers!

Be sure to check for bamboo.

And watermarks, or no watermarks. I forget, must be a fog spell cast by the cyborg ninjas. /s

Don’t forget the kinematic markers, which will tell whether the ballot was folded by a human or a machine. If the ballot has such markers, it’s definitely a fraud. Or maybe it’s a fraud if it doesn’t have such markers. Or (most likely) it’s a fraud if it’s not for Trump.

Individual 1 yesterday claimed that the Maricopa County database had been deleted illegally. The county recorder, who is a Republican elected in that “fraudulent” election, called Individual 1’s claims unhinged, and said that he was looking at the database as he typed.

Their latest test is looking at the bubbles under a microscope to see if the paper was depressed by the pen. No depression proves the ballot was mass produced by the heathen Chinese and their bamboo paper.

I guess I’m in trouble then because, following the recommendation in the ballot instructions, I used a Sharpie.

I would never use a Sharpie. Sharpie ink bleeds, leaving an amorphous blur which also shows through on the back side. What kind of paper are these ballots printed on, that you could draw on cleanly with a Sharpie?

Bamboo paper.

Executive Orders.

Weather map paper.

That’s a feature, not a bug.

Recount! Recount!