How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Ha ha, the trip to Google translateville was worth it!

Mundane, posting to the board in languages other than English is a violation of the board rules. Please don’t do this in the future.

No warning issued.

I just did that, too, and for the record, it says

Please come to Russia! We have pie and roast suckling pig and you can fuck your sister outside … No problem!

My 2 cents: I think the rule should be foreign language posting okay as long as there is a translation in the same post.

Carry on.

I concur.

A while ago we had this thread

- which largely consisted of just that. And nobody was warned or noted. I don’t know if it’s policy, but it’s certainly good sense,


I was about to say that it was already part of the rule, because I have seen that said before. That if you post in non-English then either you need a translation or it should be obvious in context. (For example, if you make a statement, and someone effectively refutes your statement, and you simply reply “Touché” then I doubt you’d get a note.)

But then I checked the rules and it’s not there. I know they are working on simplifying/revising the rules, hopefully they’ll include rules like this one that are difficult to follow because they aren’t actually written down for people to follow.

Not here.

And not here.

Unless it’s written in some non-obvious way. I searched for “english” and “language” separately and found nothing.

Oh, and for what it’s worth I totally support the rule. It’s annoying when someone posts a long screed I don’t understand to try to look clever. (You don’t.) So I’m not griping about it.

And I’m done talking about this because this isn’t ATMB.

I really like having a rule (maybe unofficial) of “include a translation”.

Just like “Don’t keep using an insider acronym without mentioning what it means”. I think it comes under the heading of “Don’t be a jerk”. Which is a rule.


Oh, and speaking of the original topic… here’s a CNN piece on Trump, who “cares little about helping the party and its other candidates.”

Pisses me off just because he’s still making headlines.

Out of the blue, he told a group of donors that he’s not into golden showers.

“I’m not into golden showers,” he reportedly told the crowd. “You know the great thing, our great first lady—‘That one,’ she said, ‘I don’t believe that one.’”

Doesn’t believe THAT story, but she believes others. Good to know. I hope if he runs, he brings up golden showers in a debate.

Wow. Just… wow.

Tried it once in Moscow, just not my thing.

Good. I’ll stop sending him my gelt then.

(Oh wait a minute. We’re only supposed to post in English now?)

How has Former President Trump pissed you off today?

Motherfucker’s still breathing, ain’t he?

And the whirring of those concealed FSB cameras totally ruined the mood.

If you remember, Trump backdoor admitted it happened. Once in office, he directed the FBI and CIA heads to find out if a tape of the incident existed in Russia.

If it never happened, no tape could possibly exist, therefore no reason for the question.

His corpse is really not going to like golden showers.

Nah, he liked that.

Even when he’s no longer breathing, the fact he existed(more importantly, elected) will still piss me off.

Yes, I’m going to be holding a lifelong grudge about that as well.

Once he’s no longer consuming oxygen, my grudge will be against the people who voted for him.