How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

That is a letter from a sad and pathetic excuse for a human.

I’m actually just surprised he did not end with an empty threat to sue Mr. Pulitzer.

He’s trying to distract from Stephanie Grisham’s book that’s coming out this week. I’m sure it’s driving him insane that someone who isn’t him is going to make money off his name.

That’s right. It’s beans that he’s full of.


Trump signed a Beanie Baby once, I guess he’s now turned into one.

But this was always known. Facebook’s stated policy all along was that newsworthy people were given a lot of slack because their posts were newsworthy, and the President of the United States is clearly newsworthy. Facebook was openly up-front about that.

Turns out the fucker refused anesthesia for a colonoscopy to avoid handing power to Pence. So he got a colonoscopy without anesthesia (I hope they used the ribbed hose for extra pleasure) just because he didn’t trust his hand-picked running mate with temporary power. Then they refused to tell us that he had one done, missing an opportunity to educate his followers about the usefulness of colonoscopies. All done to preserve the facade of invincibility.

It probably wasn’t that painful. I hear his doctor took one look at him and said “Wow, what a massive asshole.”

I heard they didn’t even have to use the mini-cam-probe thing. They sent over to the local TV station… and dang, the whole thing fit without any lube!

When the local stations started doing mobile live reporting (sometime in the late 50s or early 60s) the camera was referred to as a creepy-peepy. Seems appropriate in this context.

It was all stretched out from the years of his head being jammed in there.

The doctors had Cruz, Hawley, and Graham take turns looking up in there. “Just perfect” they said, “Never seen a more bigly, hugly asshole.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

One wonders if they did the procedure with Pence and Graham still attached to his buttocks like a pair of remoras.

Yeesh. These mental images are not good for my mental health.

Instantly, The Three Stooges popped into my head!

More likely a letter from a sad and pathetic excuse for a human’s flunky.

Recind? Exhonerated? Repudiation? Purporting?

I doubt that Trump knows meaning of half the words used in that letter.

He even spelled them right!

Thanks dude, there’s now coffee on my keyboard.

Never drink coffee (or any other beverage) while reading the political Pit threads.

What??? This is how I clear my sinuses!