How have the co-Presidencies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pissed you off today?

During the campaign and even after being (s)elected, co-Presidents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have proven again and again that they not going to change from being the same arrogant, corrupt, bullying, bigoted, misogynistic, unfiltered braggarts with zero interest in wise public policy that that they have always been.

Oddly, much of this Board is under the delusion that Donald Trump won… with, believe it or not, the assistance of Russia. Freakin’ bizarre, if you ask me, but whatevs… if the left wants to shit a brick, er, really, whatever it is they do, we should just let them be, jammin’ on their conspiracies without our help.

To that end, I don’t think we need to pollute ourselves with their delusions, which is why I created this thread. IMHO, instead of helping the poor souls in their frothing ways, flipping about in their many-tentacled alternate realities with our patient discussions of Uranium sales and $400,000,000 transfers to Iran, this thread should be this Boards sole silver lining for all news, comments, and rebuttals regarding this unprecedented takeover of the US Presidency by the Democrat co-Presidencies.

So while I understand the desire to rage like a hurricane, dictating your responses to their madness in scattered posts designed to explain the danger this nation is in, perhaps it is better to compile our evidence in an omnibus thread meant to combat the true danger in America, the co-Presidency of BHO and HRC. Perhaps the overwhelming evidence will leave this Board sage and/or rattled, perhaps not. But at least we can try.

Who wants to go first?

I wish they’d shut up about putting Bernie Sanders in jail. The rallies are getting predictable.

Yeah. And why do they say Bill Clinton’s gender wrong with “Lock HER up”? I mean, the dress and everything, why do they think Bill’s a girl?

Excuse me? I think Trump is president.

Oh, crap. It must be that fake news who told me he won. Or maybe I am having nightmare. (Wake-up, wake-up, wake-up…its not working for some reason):frowning:

I gave up on this co-administration when they held a meeting with Kim Jung-un. What were they thinking to legitimize a brutal dictator like that? Did they really think they could strike some kind of credible deal with him? But he’s a commie and you know how all those lefties stick together.

I’m just pissed off that there’s not enough pit threads about them to push Orange-Man and all his shenanigans from the front page here.


Click your heels three times instead.

I was so mad when Leon Panetta was made Secretary of Education and he came up with a plan to eliminate student debt by means of cutting the military budget by 23% and applying the savings to paying down the debts accrued by the college-educated citizenry.

  1. What the hell? Don’t you know the middle class and the poor need to be punished for being undercapitalized?
  2. Now our military is only as big as the next 7 nations combined, not 10! Our country has never been in graver danger!

And, WTF is up with Barack’s wall? Why the hell do we need to put a physical border between us and Canada?

We have to keep desperate Canadians from swarming down here in order to take advantage of our new world-class single-payer healthcare system.

The way that Hillary controls the KKK, everyone’s emails and Barack HUSSEIN’s fake long form birth certificate proving he’s really Hawaii deep state planning a coup. I mean, how obvious?

You know the opiate crisis has gotten a lot worse ever since Dept of Agriculture Secretary John Kerry convinced Teresa to put morphine in all the bottles, but man I love ketchup on everything now.

Remember back in 2009 when Barack saved the financial and auto industries by effectively nationalizing them until they were more financially stable, even injecting billions of dollars of taxpayers money into shoring them up?

Oh, wait, that actually happened. Sorry. Carry on!

I’m disappointed that President Clinton didn’t put up more of a fight when McConnell said he’d only consider her Supreme Court appointment if Bill said it was ok first.

Because the Canadians will come here raping and killing. And stealing our jobs. That’s why.

That steady decline in unemployment rise in wages are all smoke an mirrors. Real unemployment is at 8%. The stock market rally is a just bubble that’s going to burst once the full effect of the loosening tariffs starts taking effect.

Let’s talk about this administration’s oppressive border security. I read that there was a case where a child was separated from his parents during an immigration sweep and was held in a separate room for over six hours before they were reunited! And for all we know, incidents like this may have happened a dozen or more times! This kind of outrage is what happens when the Democrats seize power - they have no respect for family or the law.

When will this country finally let a white man be president?

And some, I assume, are good people.

I, for one, think that the government-owned pizzerias are a good idea

… but whats with that creepy requirement that they all have basements?