how I made my first million

Be the first to invest in the Product of the Future !

I can’t sleep. So I think of weird things during the night.

Last night IT came to me, clear as can be.

The Botox Cell Phone !

Ring, ring - answer the phone, get a little shot of Botox in those nagging wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, etc. while you talk.

I tell you, there will not be an executive who would be caught dead without The Botox Cell Phone !

Get in on the ground level of this amazing product. Don’t pass up the opportunity to appear rich and beautiful (albeit paralyzed).

Personal checks not accepted. Thank you for your time.

I hope you get more sleep! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know a woman who would buy this so fast your head would swim.

[botox hijack] Here’s something funny to do when you know someone who had botox injections: sneak up and yell “Boo!”. They say “Aaaahhh!”, but their eyebrows don’t move at all. A warning: you might think this is hilarious. They, however, will not. [/botox hijack]