How I would run the Cricket world cup

The ten test playing nations all to compete with the best two non-test playing countries. I do not care how the two non-test playing countries are selected.
Divide the teams into 2 even pools of 6 teams.
In each pool the teams play each other round-robin.
Top two teams in each pool to play in the semi-finals.
Semi-finals and Finals are best of 3.
Because the West Indian countries are fairly poor, make the ticket prices very cheap with many free tickets.

The current system is a joke. India and Pakistan were eliminated by one bad performance. Ireland should not be in the super-8s.
There were also some games that were so one-sided it was a joke.
Semifinals and finals must be best of 3 at the least.
Most teams play best of 5 series against each other.
The ICC has lost most of its revenue by having the two teams of India and Pakistan eliminated. The atmosphere is terrible with the matches played in half empty grounds.

Id start off by hiding all the England teams kit and then tell them it was a mistake ,there is no Cricket world Cup.

Then Id tell them to get a proper job preferably something that they can actually do ,that is if we ever actually find out what that is.

No, I’m sorry, but Ireland’s performance this year is what cup competitions are all about. In a league or, in the case of cricket, a series, the big boys know that they can afford to slip up once or twice, because over a full season/series, the rest of the results are more likely to go their way. Cup competitions have always been about the performance on the day though, meaning that any team can have a good day and knock out an allegedly bigger team. Ireland earned their place in the Super 8’s with performances way above their stature against Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

Cricket is already a minority sport with so few test-playing nations. What you are suggesting would likely have prevented Bangladesh from ever becoming a test nation, closing cricket off to a wider audience. Without potential upsets in the World Cup, the associate nations may as well give up as they would have no other way of ever making the step up.

Besides, India and particularly Pakistan were eliminated by not one, but two bad performances each. They knew what was required to go through to the next round and they failed to produce the goods.