How is Emma?

Can’t figure out yet how(or if I can) call up the thread on Emma and family. Anyone know how much she weighs now? Will she be going home anytime soon?

If I remember a thread from the temp board, she is, in fact, home already. She weighs over 4 lb.s, I do believe (or more, I’m not quite sure on that number.)

I’m sure someone will be along shortly (cough WeirdDave cough) to give you more details.

Thanks bouv. wow, four whole pounds, remember when we were rooting for two?

Emma came home a little over a week ago. I haven’t spoken to Beth or Steven in a week or so, obviously, they are quite busy and I imagine short of sleep. I should talk to her in the next day or so, I’ll let y’all know.

Please do, Dave, and pass along our good wishes to them, also!

Yep, Emma Kate is home.

She is back over four pounds now–she lost some right after she came home (adjusting to the new surroundings, temps, schedules, etc.)–but I’m not sure how much over four she is. When she was in the NICU she was weighed every night but now that she’s home, she gets weighed twice a week when the Home Health nurse comes to see her or when we make the trek to the pediatrician’s office.

She eats like a little piglet right now–I hope she’s hitting a gowth spurt. However, she vomits up what seems like everything she eats. So far no one (but me) seems concerned about that. The people-who-know-about-these-things are waiting to see if she is still gaining weight steadily before they become concerned. I hope she is just a spitting up baby and that nothing is wrong. I can handle being vomited on repeatedly and having to wash every blanket and baby outfit in the house four times a day if it simply means she is growing.

I have a couple of pics my mom scanned for me that Zette was sweet enough to tweak for me (my mom’s new at this whole scanning thing and the files were huge!). This one is one that the nurses took on the night she first weighed over four pounds.

Emma Kate #1
The second one is a not-too-good quality pic of her face with her eyes open.

Emma Kate #2
As soon as I finish this roll I am working on, I will scan some more and post them. These will (hopefully) be much better quality–I’ll have someone who actually knows how to use the scanner scan them for me so I won’t have to bother Zette again!

Aw, she’s a little doll.

Thanks for updating us, Beth.

Go Emma! :smiley:

Hint for spit-up baby: Get some cloth diapers, use them for “burp rags” (drape it over your shoulder before you put the baby up there). Saves on washing your clothes.

Did you see this? Feeding Issues after the NICU. Facts and what sound like some good suggestions (projectile vomiting–whee!! :smiley: )

Yes, cloth diapers. Oh yes. I’ve been there.

evilbeth , I am so glad to hear that Miss Emma is doing well.

There are some blessings in this world, huh?

Goose, thanks for the info and the suggestion. But wouldn’t I still have to wash all the cloth diapers? :wink: Laundry’s laundry!

She has reflux and she’s on meds for it but I think she either needs a higher dose or a better medicine. It’s like The Exorcist at our house!

Way to go Emma. Keeping happy thoughts coming from this side of the world.

She is so beautiful. Say, in about sixteen years I have a nephew, (born a year ago Feb 13), who may be interested.

Wonderful news; thanks for the update.

Thanks, Baker, but don’t forget–this little princess has hundreds of uncles and some of them are fiercely protective! Your nephew would have to pass some vicious scrutiny! :wink:

wow, what a beauty!!! such long fingers… she has grown sooooo much!

i’m sure emma kate will have no shortage of suitors with all the boy babies on the board. thankfully, there is a bit of time before dating.

go emma!!!

My mother–insane as she is–is already shopping for a piano.

Go, Emma, go! Go, go, go Emma (and Beth and Steve)!!!

Really, Beth (and Zette), it’s nice to see some pictures.

Well evilbeth, not only would my nephew Ian have to pass the scrutiny of all the uncles on this board but, as much as I love him, if he ever gets out of line with a princess like Emma he would have his Aunt Baker to answer to!