How is freezing human bodies legal?

Pardon me for posting, but I was wondering…How is it legal to have someone’s body frozen after death via cryonics? The laws regarding the disposal of human remains seem pretty strict, and all of the laws I’ve seen only mention burial or cremation as being legal options. My dad has theorized that for the Cryonics companies to work legally, one technically “donates” their body to the company for “research” (or some such thing). Does this mean with a little cash, and a good lawyer, I could set up a “front” company to taxidermy my corpse after my death?

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My thought is that it is regarded as a sort of expensive mausoleum. Colder and vertical storage.

I think if you check into it, there is a lot of leeway in the law about what is and isn’t allowed as to non-cremation options. For instance:
Is it required in your area to embalm the dead?
Is it required in your area to use a coffin or other box as opposed to just a shrowd? (There was a case in MD recently about this and Islamic burials, I believe.)
What are your local laws about above-ground vs. below ground “interment”? (Mausoleums and the like.)
What are your local laws about burial on “private” grounds? (Like Elvis at Graceland, or any number of older burials in rural VA and MD.)

It is my thought then that as long as you don’t do something that is basically against community standards and customs, you probably can get away with it.