How Is The Traffic Here After the New Layout?

If there are no statistics that are willing to be shared, maybe the more active and experienced dopers could answer this, or if they even notice a difference?

According to this site the boards dipped sharply in May. I’m not sure when June will be made available, possibly in the next few hours seeing as it’s the start of July soon.

Discourse graphs traffic (available to mods and admins) and since we ported our entire database over, the graphs include traffic from before the move. Posts had a complete drop-off during the move, followed by a big spike as everyone tried out the new software. After that, posts have settled down to the same level as they were before the move. New topics as well as overall posts show the same pattern.

Here are the graphs if you want to see for yourself:

New users had a big spike after the move, which I assume is from people signing up with new names when they had login problems. New signups and new contributors have both settled down to levels above where they were before the move, which is encouraging.

ETA: The DAU/MAU graph is daily active users divided by monthly active users, which Discourse says is a measurement of the board’s “stickiness”. Discourse gives the helpful hint to aim for 30 percent or greater. We were averaging about 30 percent before the move, and are significantly higher after the move.

That’s really interesting, the bottom left graph which I assume is Daily Active Users (AND Monthly Active Users somehow?) is arguably the most important measure and it shows a big uplift. Great news…

It’s the ratio expressed as a percentage.

Thanks - I’ve never seen that measurement methodology before.

Something empirical to be very pleased about!
Well done to those with their shoulder to the wheel for the cause.

Interesting. Thanks!