Can we get a graph that shows number of new users per day?

Out of curiosity, I’d like to see whether the popularity of the SDMB is inclining or declining. So if the graph was decreasing, it would mean that the number of new users per day is getting less and less which would mean that the popularity is declining.

Do you administrators have a graph for that that we can see out of curiosity?

So you define popularity as the number of new users per time, not the number of posts or threads? Why?

You can also argue that page views are a better measure of popularity, and you can see data on that here or here.

And now I’m curious why the most common keyword search that sent traffic to the site is “hear hear”.

May I please piggy-back onto your thread to ask about something I wondered about in the “Chrome Flagged Us: Oh Noes” thread.

During the period(s) when the Chrome/Google ‘red page’ warning was in place, what effect was there on Dope traffic? (hits, posts, etc.)


ETA: Looks like TroutMan may have already answered my question while I was posting it!

Here is some data on Straightdope website usage:

And, if you believe the site, here is similar (but more extensive) data about The Dope on the site that TroutMan just turned me/us on to.

Hey, according to the above cite SD is valued at $1,460,155.80. (I love $0.80.)

Wanna pass the hat, and show the gang how to really run this place?

And according to that source, SDMB earns $700 per day from ads. Cecil won’t get rich from that, but no wonder they don’t want to turn them off.

That’s interesting. I wonder how they calculate that? It’s hard to believe that Dopers are clicking on that many ads.

Yea, you would like to think they are smarter than that. I guess “it’s taking longer than we thought” and all that.

You realize that 84.3% of all statistics are wrong?

Note that the figure of $700 daily is what the board “should earn” from the ads. I’d lay odds that the real figure is considerably less given the savvy of most Dopers.

That’s why I want to know how it’s calculated.

One of the charts in that link shows that the Dope has a staggering one million unique visitors a month. I need to watch what I say!

Assuming that number is within an order of magnitude of correct, that’s a lot of eyeballs. And you have to assume that of approximately one million visitors, approximately one million are not members since the number of members is way, way smaller than rounding error.

If one in 1000 unique visitors clicks on an ad, not a totally unreasonable assumption, getting $700 from those ads is also not unreasonable.

So Dopers themselves are completely irrelevant to ad clicks. We’re just live bait for the visitors.

I dunno, getting 70 cents per click (or even per UU) seems like an awful lot.