How long are your ex's off limits to friends/family?

How long do you think an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend should be off limits to your friends and family?

Strangely enough, for me, it’s like, forever…
My sisters on the other hand, have both gone out with boyfriends of each other with a simple “are you done with this one?” or some such exchange.

When they (sometimes both at different times) go out with an ex of mine, it drives me insane! I don’t care if its a week ago, or 20 years ago, it just drives me nuts! It’s like it somehow cheapens ME, although I know thats not true since I was there first and I didn’t make the decision to “keep it in the family”.

This has happened numerous times, with people I was “serious” about, people I was still dating, once I walked in the house and “my” boyfriend was sitting on the couch with my sister! Thats how I found out they were dating, instead of me and him!

None of these relationships that they had were ever very sucessful, if they had ended up getting married and being in love forever or something, I would not think about it twice, I would have just stood aside with best wishes. Thats never been the case. Most of the times its just a fling or a booty call.

Any comments? Similar experiances?

Sounds like y’all need to move to a different holler!:smiley:

Seriously, if y’all don’t live in a very small town, there might some sort of pathology involved.

No, I have lived in Chicago all my life. Theres plently of selection and options out there. I could understand if we lived in a town of 500 or so. :frowning:

Ew. Sloppy seconds.

Depends on how much I cared about the person. The guy that broke my heart: paws off or there will be bloodshed. The guy I dated for a few months and separated with a shrug: eh, whatever, ya want a manual to make life easier?