How long until the guy starts farting up a storm?

Question for the girls mostly because I’m curious about how they reacted to it but guys can share their own timelines.

Most of us have a ‘farting etiquette’ that we practice around other people. Coworkers, friends, or even strangers in our daily lives don’t get to hear or smell us lay a bomb. However, within families, this is usually different. Most of us, as far as I know, have no problems farting in front of their parents or siblings.

When we meet someone then, there is, according to most of my friends, a period of time in which the guy slowly tests the foul waters of farting etiquette. It may be an accident the first time, or done so as a joke, but eventually he lets it fly without a second thought. How long does that last for most of you in a relationship?

My husband and I still get embarrassed if we accidentally fart around one another, and we’ve been married for 3 years.

There was probably a year between “Be right back, honey!” and “Pull my finger!”.

Do it pretty close to the beginning of the relationship. If you float an air biscuit in front of her and she bolts, but it was never meant to be. If you crop dust and she stays around, she’s a keeper.

Heh - that’s funny. My husband and I admire each other’s abilities - “Wow, good one!” Or I just blame the cats, wherever they are.

Oh yeah -“the guy?” What about the lady? Ladies fart too, you know. As my husband says about my smelly gas bum, “It’s not the smell so much as the burning of my eyes.”

I’m at your end of the spectrum, olivesmarch4th. My philosophy is, why should I treat my wife less politely than I would a stranger?

Dude, I love to fart. Nothing finer than letting go a left cheek sneek and having all the guys around you accuse each other. I am a notorious crop duster; I will time a scent marker as I walk past a friend or walk into their space and leave a gift. This is especially satisfying when I have beer farts and I am in the grocery store.:stuck_out_tongue:

My lovely wife has a devilish little bad girl laugh when she “toots” in front of me. I will always pass fair and unbiased judgement as to the quality of her effort.

It was about one year for my first “oops” and about another few months before she had an oops.

I’ve known my Significant Other for almost 3 years, and we moved in together at the beginning of September. Just this afternoon I HEARD him fart for the first time. He wasn’t in front of me, he was in the bathroom on the toilet, but I was beginning to think the man was a robot. I haven’t even smelled one that he slipped. I know he’s heard me, because I’ve woken myself up with a fart before. There’s no way he hasn’t been a witness to that. We are still in the “be polite to each other” phase, and I hope it lasts a long time.

My ex-husband farted quite proudly on our first date, and never stopped. He of course chastised me quite harshly if I let one slip. There are numerous other reasons we are no longer together, but I wish I had taken that first fart as an indicator of things to come.

I’m so glad we enabled the polling feature.

I only hear Mr. Levins fart when he’s asleep. (Which he finds amusing.)

AFAIK, he’s never witnessed one of mine. (I sleep a lot though.)

There’s something to be said for keeping a bit of romance alive.

Well, we’ve been married for 2 years, but have been together for about 10 years, and I don’t fart around her, or anyone else really. I’ve never been that much of a farter though, even since I was a child. Maybe I fart in my sleep, in fact I’m sure I must, but it’s never been a topic of discussion.

If I feel a fart coming I’ll take it outside or at least somewhere out of earshot. I don’t belch at the table either, usually, and if I do involuntarily, I’ll try not to make a production out of it.

This makes sense.

On the other hand, I would never pee in front a stranger.

The first night my girlfriend (who is now my wife, 11+ years) spent the night, I warned her as we were getting into bed: “Just so you know, I fart. Don’t be alarmed.” She was like <shrug> “whatever.”

Sometimes after dinner when we’re sitting on the couch I’ll burp and fart simultaneously, which never fails to send her into peals of laughter.

She’s a keeper.

I thought my husband was an alien because for two years after we got married (we’d been together four or five by then) I never EVER heard him fart. One night he let a huge one rip in his sleep and I made the mistake of telling him the next morning. He relaxed right away!!

On the other hand my sons and I compare notes and score each other’s farts so there is no hope for this family really.

-George Carlin
(credit where credit is due)

Just last night my wife and I were debating who let that SBD out (it was her, BTW.) I finally had to use the ol’ “he who smelt it, dealt it” logic before she would admit that it might not be me. Then the dog got blamed.

A story about my wife and bodily sounds… When we were first dating we took a walk that involved passing through a narrow bike tunnel. Part way through she suddenly let rip with a rolling belch, complete with some nice modulations, that echoed throughout the tunnel. As the echo died down a guy on a bike, passing from the other way, looked me in the eye and said “Nice rip!” and was gone before I could explain that the rip came from the pretty girl, not the goofy lummox. Ah well, I was too smitten to even think straight.

I can’t remember a time when she didn’t know that I off-gas sometimes but I still (after over 20 years) try to take it outside if I can.

I know, but as a guy, I just wanted to see what the ladies thought of my farting etiquette and wanted to compare notes to see if I’m normal. I usually let it rip after a few months, curiously when most of my relationships end… :dubious:

When we were dating, my wife was impressed by my consideration of walking to the other side of the room before ripping ass.

That’s a long-dead consideration.

With the ex, a couple of times I saved them up until she started spooning me a few hours after we went to bed. I’d pretend I was sleeping, wait about five minutes, and then let out an impressive series of toots lasting about 10 seconds.

Never Dutch ovened her, though. I’m a gentleman, after all.

The people on the other side of the room may have been less pleased. :smiley: