How long w/o junkfood?

Well, first off - do you regularly eat food which you know is of little/no nutritional value? Cookies, chips, candy, ice cream… Even in small amounts?

We buy some of the above on most of our weekly grocery buying trips, tho we don’t necessarily eat it every day. Yesterday we finished off the last of the ice cream. This a.m., my wife just observed that we “are entirely out of junkfood.” BUT - we have plenty of other healthy food, so we are not likely to make a special run to buy crap.

Wondering how often you eat food that you know lacks nutritional value, and how long you will go without it.

I’ll bet one or the other of us makes an excuse to hit the grocery store Wed at the latest! :wink: We are quite lacking in self control…

I LOVE junk food! Potato chips are my absolute favorite. I eat them every day washed down with Diet Coke. I always make sure I buy enough to last a week or 2. I also always have some sort of chocolate around whether it’s Dove’s squares, chocolate chip cookies, Hershey’s mint cookie bars, etc.

But I also eat a lot of fruit and raw veggies…probably not enough to cancel out the junk food tho. And I walk 6 miles a day.

I have a problem with food. It’s just not an important part of my life. I frequently forget to eat, especially if my wife is not around to remind me. I know I will die if I don’t eat and I’d like to live, so I eat.

Because of this, I often go with whatever is fastest and easiest, thus I eat a lot of junk. Fast food, prepared stuff from the supermarket, frozen pizza, chicken wings, etc. I rarely drink just water; I get a significant percentage of my calories from beer. If I’m actually thinking about it and have the time and impetus I’ll cook, and when I cook I generally make something fairly healthy, but that just doesn’t happen very often, like once a month maybe.

I think we actually eat pretty well. At least on a day-to-day basis, until we get waylaid by our faves at a party or something. We like to have a snack pretty regularly - maybe a couple of cookies or some ice cream after a healthy dinner. And we don’t have snacks every day. If they are in the cabinets/fridge - we can forgo them. But it seems like if we don’t have any in the house - we CRAVE them.

It’s been 22 minutes since my last Peanut M&M–where’s my parade?

Lame. Come talk to me when you’ve gone 38 minutes without having any Pringles like me.

We used to regularly finish up the day with a bowl of ice cream and chocolate syrup. Now we look back and can’t believe we did that! (We drink a lot more wine, though).

These days, there might be a jar of honey-roasted peanuts in the pantry. I make creme brulee about once a week…but that’s four small ramekins in a three-person household.

My husband also has at least one peanut butter and jelly sandwich a day.

Like a child of war, I avoid carbohydrates because they tried to kill my family.

Wait a minute - you’re calling my PBJ junkfood?! :eek: I eat one every lunch. The other day my wife was going out around dinnertime, and said she didn’t know what there was for me to eat. I responded that I’d just make myself another PBJ!

I’ve said before that if they made people kibble that was nutritious and tasty, I’d eat it 3 meals a day. My wife commented that PBJ appeared to be my kibble.

(Of course, I do use extra fiber bread, and all natural PB…)

There’s no such thing as junk food, only junk diets. And very few foods are devoid of nutritional value-- In fact, the far more common problem is diets with too much nutritional value.

I know, it’s sad! On whole wheat bread, too.

We’re still totally open to junk food in theory…we’ll order dessert at restaurants for example. But around the house, we’ve got nothing worse than reduced sugar Craisins. :o

My wife and I eat one chocolate truffle nearly every day after dinner. It puts a period on the day’s eating. I lost 80 lb on that diet. And every two weeks or so, the day I make the truffles, I pour the left over chocolate on ice cream and we eat that. Yum, yum. That happened to be last night. But no truffle on those days.

On the other hand, we eat generally healthy diets with lots of fruits and veggies and not much meat.

I eat some junk food on the weekends–in particular, that’s when I allow myself desserts–but I’m sticking to a very strict diet during the week. One consequence of that diet is that on my weekend cheat days, I mostly want “real food” more than junk food.

In the UK you can buy chips (ah, fries, I guess) as street food, and they’ll give you a little wooden chip fork to eat them with.

To enforce the strict rule of chips-no-more-than-once-a-month (as street food or otherwise), an example of said fork is attached to the calendar to show if a month has elapsed. Eating chips moves the fork forwards one month, of course.

The chip fork is currently in…December 2017.

How 'bout that?