Junk Food

This has probably been asked before, but oh well.

What junk food do you always have available in your home? I’m talking snack stuff.

I always have:

-Diet Coke
-Lays Simply Natural Sea Salted Thick Cut potato chips (best plain chips EVER)
-Doritos - Nacho Cheese (sometimes Taco)
-Something chocolate (1 or 2 of the following): Mounds, Take 5, Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch (mint)
Pizza Rolls - pepperoni

Salsa, or the components necessary to make salsa.

For the next few months, “fun size” candy bars. My gf buys a few large bags just in case this is the first year we get a trick-or-treater. :smiley:

Crackers and cheese. Nuts like almonds or something. And nacho chips, just salt or maybe lime.

I’m still putting on weight. I eat gruel for breakfast (oatmeal) and a light lunch and dinner. It sucks.

Some form of chips. At the moment, we’re stuck on Cape Code Waffle Cut Potato Chips.

There’s always a pint of gelato in the freezer.

Little individually wrapped cheese snacks. I’m not sure if cheese counts as junk food.

I keep a large chocolate bar at work. I strive to make it high-quality, dark chocolate. This is because there is a candy bowl every thirty feet at the office, and if I have a square of Belgian dark chocolate, I won’t be tempted by fun-size Snickers.

Ice cream, Hershey bars.
I hate you. Now I want to eat it all. Ugh!!

I have a teenager in residence, so basically at least one of everything. If I don’t, I worry that she will die of starvation. (not really, but to hear her talk about the time we were out of ice cream AND chips AND bananas, you would think she was talking about the great potato famine).

I reject the concept of “junk food”. I don’t food-shame. If its edible, its food.

Seriously, you guys? Cheese, nuts, bananas? That’s goddamn HEALTH FOOD!

Corn chips. The cap ones, not national brand.

stuff to make cookies.

I need to get rid of it all but the husband needs cookies for his lunches. :frowning:

I am writing to express my admiration for your good taste and discernment, OP. Lays Simply Natural Sea Salted Thick Cut potato chips are truly the finest potato chips on the market today, with the exception of Wachusett brand potato chips, which are unavailable to me. They are the closest recreation of my potato chip madeleine, State Line potato chips (RIP), that I have found. Truly you have a profound understanding of what makes a great potato chip. I salute you.

This. Life without steady access to cheese and crackers is not worth living, and I don’t consider that junk food.

To me, “junk food” is things like corn chips, candy, or commercially produced sweet baked goods. Those things are generally not found in my house, but 6-8 times a year I will buy a bag of corn chips, Cheetos, or Doritos. They only last a few dayss.

No one particular snack is always on hand. Sometimes I’ll get chips or pretzels, sometimes ice cream, sometimes cookies. There’s a particular trail mix that my spousal unit really likes, so I’ll get it for him once in a while.

The problem with snack foods is my utter lack of self-control, so I try to minimize how much I buy and how often.

About the only thing I almost always have is plain corn chips.

I try to limit myself to one pint of Ben n Jerry’s a month.

No out-and-out junk food in my house - my wife has a life long battle with her weight. She’s successful at it, but junk food is the sacrifice.

Oh, but cheese and crackers, obviously always at home. Along with the bucket of red wine.

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At home I’ve usually got a jar of peanuts on the coffee table.

At work I’ve got Twinkies and Pop-tarts.

I don’t have junk food in the house. I do eat it at work though, in single serve bags (chips, crunchy salty snacks. Candy I get from my co-worker). I always have popcorn to make on top of the stove popcorn, but I wouldn’t call that junk food.

I miss being college-aged, when a pint of Ben & Jerry’s was a single-serving container. (Hey, those little dorm refrigerators had no real freezer space, so I had to finish the pint.)

Currently, I keep Smartfood popcorn around, preferably in the single-serving 5/8 ounce bag. The supermarket sells a package containing a dozen single-serving bags. I also have a couple packages of Oreo cookies in the pantry, the ones with chocolate cream.

we have kids and grandkids about and were munchers …its more like “what don’t we have around”

I salute you! I have never had anyone else mention these chips. I keep recommending them and no one seems to care. When our local grocery store quit carrying them I scoured the city and could only find them at Target. So I would make a special trip just to get my chips. Then luckily WalMart started carrying them. That lasted a few months and then suddenly they were gone. I was horrified. Back to Target. I was at WalMart one day when the Lays guy was there stocking shelves. I told him he needs to bring them back. A few weeks later they arrived and have been there now for quite a while. I’m skittish about it now, so I always grab a few bags just in case they disappear again.